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  1. Anyone else applying to UAB NP program for Summer 2015?

    Thanks so much for figuring this out! I found it, but when I searched "UAB FNP class of 2017" it actually showed up as "UAB FNP summer 2015." I'm guessing the name has been changed, but there are 9 members on this page, which is a very good start. ...
  2. Anyone else applying to UAB NP program for Summer 2015?

    I can't seem to find the Facebook page either. I just created one under UAB MSN SUMMER 2015. It's a closed group so just send me an invite to join. I can tell you that a Facebook page is a VERY good source of information. I was accepted into the ...
  3. UAB Advanced Pathophysiology

    tyrn2012, Somebody has created an MSN 2014 page on facebook and also a Psych NP page on facebook for us to network, and it's a great idea! That is how I found out what books we needed, somebody else gave me the information. Just search for UAB...
  4. Books for Advanced Pathophysiology

    I have to second the You Tube videos from Andrew Wolf. Actually, You Tube has MANY videos from professors, doctors etc. that cover just about anything on pathophysiology, especially when you get into your body systems. If you are a visual learner, ...
  5. UAB Advanced Pathophysiology

    Thanks for the quick response and information! I already have my book and study guide, but didn't know about the online stuff that came with it; I will have to look later. I already have that book by Dr. Burkowitz; I am going to try and read it in ...
  6. UAB Advanced Pathophysiology

    Hey everybody, I am starting my MSN program this fall at UAB and had a couple questions regarding the Advanced Pathophysiology class. I am getting anxious some since I heard this class is very difficult, which is fine, but I would like to know ...
  7. UAB Fall 2014 NP Programs

    Susanne Fogger
  8. UAB Fall 2014 NP Programs

    Congrats to those that got in! Hopefully the rest will too as I am sure they don't have time to put everybody in during one full day.
  9. UAB Fall 2014 NP Programs

    This morning was the first time I have been able to. I have tried to login for like the last 7 days or so, but kept getting that credentials can't be verified message or whatever it said.
  10. UAB Fall 2014 NP Programs

    My last name starts with a "W". Maybe it is by specialty first.
  11. UAB Fall 2014 NP Programs

    I was able to login this morning to blazernet! My page has my specialty track and everything listed! Everybody else may want to see if they can login now. My track is the Psychiatric Mental Health Nurse Practitioner program.
  12. How to pass the ANCC for Psych NP

    Congrats from me too! I have applied to two schools for PMHNP this fall. I have yet to hear back from them, but hope to soon. I printed off your post as a future reference, even if I am at the earliest, 3 years away from taking the exam myself. T...
  13. Any Psych Nurse Practitioner's out there?

    I am not a Psychiatric Nurse Practitioner, but I have researched it on here and on the internet. I have applied to two schools this fall for PMHNP. Psychiatry as a NP isn't near as popular as a Family Nurse Practitioner. There are far more nurses ...
  14. Suggestions for online Psych NP Program

    Here is a list off the top of my head. I am pretty sure that all of these programs are online with some having 2-3 visits total during the program. University of Alabama at Birmingham University of South Alabama Drexel University Saint Louis Univers...
  15. UAB Fall 2014 NP Programs

    I plan on applying to the UAB PMHNP program for Fall 2014. I am finishing up my RN-BSN program right now with late April as my graduation date.

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