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  1. tp1159

    ICU or PCU?

    Hi everyone! I know this is something that I need to decide on my own but I still am desperate for any input. I have two job offers and I am unsure which one is the best fit for me. I have one year of post surgical/medical unit experience, and prior to that 2.5 years in acute rehab. One is a critical care unit, not close to home. It is a mixture of ICU and PCU patients that I will be taking care of. The director and manager both seemed like they cared a lot about setting their nurses up for success. When I toured the unit, everyone seemed pretty chill and nice. (I could have caught everyone at a good moment, who knows) Overall I had a good vibe about the hospital and I've heard its a good hospital...but its definitely out of my comfort zone. I was looking for more of a PCU setting close to home to see if ICU or ER would be something that would interest me but I knew staying on the surgical unit wouldn't expose me to higher acuity patients. So yes they seemed like they would train me well and look out for my well being, it's just not what I was looking for (closer to home, ICU stepdown) but possibly too good to pass up? As for the second position, its purely PCU and it would be an internal transfer. So no pay raise (which is a bummer but not that big of a deal to me) but it's closer to home. The thing with this position is...the charge RN seemed rude during my walk through and none of the nurses were friendly/said hi which makes it seems like they are not happy. Just like the other position, I could have caught everyone at a bad time. My gut is telling me that the environment may be similar to my current job which is not 100% ideal. So...based on your experience with jobs, what are some good points I should make my decision on? Again any advice is appreciated!
  2. tp1159

    Transfering RN Jobs

    Hi everyone! I am currently working on an ortho unit and I have worked there for a year. I applied for a different position and was offered a job in the Transitional Care/ICU stepdown unit within the same hospital system. What I find interesting is that they do not want to give me a pay increase since it is considered a lateral transfer. Is this normal? Should I ask if they could give me an increase? I feel like I am going to be working with higher acuity patients and will have more responsibilities in this new position. I feel like it would only be fair if they would give me an increase, even if it's not that much. Any advice would be appreciated. Also, anyone else go from med surg to a stepdown unit? How was the transition? Thanks so much!!!