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hi i am a single third year student nurse who love going out and meeting new people. i also have a passion for nursing which i hope to doing in the near future.

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  1. pm2be

    I got reprimanded at work for not using a bra !

    Good !!!! it inappropriate and unprofessional to woking like that if you were a swimming instructer i would be more understanding, but to be walking around sick patients espiciallly men with bouncing bare breast it's just WRONG.
  2. pm2be

    Are nurses unsupportive spouse magnets??

    [MOUSE][ How do you let go and let them know you've let them go?
  3. pm2be

    Is pay rate really that low??...

    Hi there i have just gotten my ATT and will be sitting the nclex exam in september and would like to work in georgia without going through an agency but don't fully understand about the contract fine prints. Can you give some info please.
  4. pm2be

    "sister" = registered nurse

    In England we call male nurses who are in a leadership role a charge nurse, and a female a sister.
  5. pm2be

    Car Insurance advice for the USA

    Thank you for telling me as i presently in the process of making the transfer to work in the USA and i had no idea will contact you when i a a bit closer to my objective.
  6. pm2be

    How long did you breastfeed?

    nursed my son for 19 months and the milk kept coming and he showed no signs of giving up, although i found it comforting to breast feed i was worried about my body image (boob), so i ask my doctor to give me some thing to dry them up it worked although it was very tempting to to starting up again still waitng to have another that was 8 years ago.
  7. pm2be

    what about this for an idea

    Hi all i am a west indian and not yet qualified i am i also invited
  8. pm2be


    Welcome to the best nurses forum :rotfl:
  9. pm2be

    Is this safe?

    Thanks alot mate now i will be able to join in the discussions. cheers
  10. pm2be

    Is this safe?

    Can any one tell email me about how they find resonses from threads which they have send because i cannot seem to be able to find mine
  11. pm2be

    To all London nurses.

    On behalf of all the nurses in london thank you for your sincere well wishes may god bless you all.
  12. pm2be

    Nurses Who Shouldn't be Nurses

    I am about to be qualified in three months time and i love being a student but i cant wait to be a nurse. although i love the thought of caring for someone who is in need i cant help think about the better life that i will give to my only child my siblings and parents. Does that make me a money grabbing nurse I DONT THINK SO!. I have always love the feeling of selfworth that i get when i help someone to take that step that they would other wise not do my concience is clear because before the money i am all heart.