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  1. anukis

    Please share your GPAs??

    GPAs to me are honestly worthless. I don't care if I have a 4.0 nurse, I want a nurse who knows her job, and can save my butt if I need it. I'm going for my BSN, it sounds like your program is much more competitive, and I refuse to share my current GPA because of my thoughts about it, but I can say this: I have had all C's in a semester, and I've had all A's. It depends on the class. Some things you're good at, some things you are bad at: and that's OK. Too many girls (and guys) I know get so caught up on their GPA. Once you get out of school, employers don't care if you had a 4.0... they care if you can do your job and do it well. Get through the school's routine BS and you will be fine.
  2. anukis

    Ursuline vs CSU

    Hello! Not sure that you've made your choice yet, and I may be a little biased, but here's my experience: I've been at Ursuline since 2011, I transferred from University of Toledo, and I'm in my senior year at Ursuline now. Let me say first off, I love Ursuline. There are small class sizes, the campus is beautiful, and the education I have received is far above expectations. I have had amazing clinical rotations, and great clinical instructors. I have worked with other students who are fantastic, and really couldn't say enough about it. I might just be lucky about the people who are in classes with me, but Ursuline is overall a great school. Now, CSU I have nothing against. I looked at their program as well when transferring out of Toledo. However, my classmates who have worked with CSU students in our community clinical rotation have said that CSU students in the filed seemed to not be as competent as they were on basic things like sterile technique (something you learn your sophomore year). Every time I say the name Ursuline, people know their nursing program. Like I said, CSU is a great school as well and has made progress, but if you're looking for a great name, great people, and a huge support system, I would back Ursuline 100%.
  3. anukis

    Ursuline Accelerated BSN

    I'm in the BSN program at Ursuline, and what I've heard from other students, the accelerated program is very fast paced and a lot of work, but worth it. Ursuline is a great school.
  4. anukis

    Bad Parents

    I hope this kid gets his wish!!! Disney is so magical for kids and when you're that young and already having to deal with the harder stuff in life... so sad. I'm glad to read you contacted the social worker on this one. Good move.
  5. anukis

    I never, ever went to ER when I was a kid

    I've gone to the ER only a few times, a couple times for chest pain (I felt like I was dying) which luckily turned out to be nothing (that I know of) and another time for a deep cat bite late at night (no stitches, but they soaked my hand in iodine and gave me antibiotics). But I've heard about going to the ER for HAs and runny noses... fortunately, most of the HA and rhinitis cases that come in are just that but as nurses (physicians as well) need to treat each case as though it could be an emergency. You don't want to be the person that turns someone away only for them to have an actual serious case later on down the road.
  6. I was 19 when I switched from Computer Science Engineering to Nursing (quite the switch, I know) ! I'm graduating this December, I will be 24 years old :).
  7. anukis

    Not a people person... (Yikes!)

    I know for myself, I was pretty shy, but liked helping people. Nursing school greatly improved my "people skills" and I think that if you truly like helping people, even if you're not a "people person," then it can work for you. Some people drive me absolutely nuts (see patients who make you say, "you did WHAT?"... mentally, not out loud) ! As far as liking science, it helps for sure. But wanting to work 9-5? Good luck finding that in nursing!!! (At least until you get your feet wet or get an advanced degree). Either way, funny comic !