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  1. Jimmy Kimmel Thanks Nurses Who Saved His Infant Son's Life

    It's so refreshing to see a grown man vulnerable, crying & open to sharing his personal story....also, going above and beyond calling out the healthcare persons/teams by name who made a difference in such an broad open forum when he could have us...
  2. How to Nab those Nursing Scholarships $$

    WOW, congrats!! I'm so thrilled for you - that is amazing.
  3. Need advice: 1mo into NG program, want to seek another job

    I think that it would be wise to finish out your New Grad orientation and do your best to make the most of the first year on your unit of hire. If it is true that your hospital system has opportunities in the Pediatric clinic, where your goal is to e...
  4. It sounds as though you are on the right track and making many of the important moves to become a Pediatric nurse. I also did my Pediatric rotation at my hospital of interest, my nursing instructor who also worked there wrote me a very nice letter of...
  5. Done at 75. How long do we wait for results in California?

    @RningOnFumes Yes, your school will take care of this "Conferred degree" but it doesn't happen until after you have finished the nursing program. They send preliminary transcripts with your coursework to date, so that your application, backgroud, etc...
  6. Done at 75. How long do we wait for results in California?

    I took my NCLEX-RN in CA on 6/28 as well and have not seen anything up on the Breeze either, so I feel your frustration in this waiting process when other candidates can find out in 48 hours. My exam shut off at 75 and after 24 hrs I did the PV trick...
  7. Low score on ATI predictor

    Buy the 30 day access to Uworld. The layout, look and feel is very similar to NCLEX - you can do a 30 question demo on their website for free and also use the phone app to answer questions while you are on the go and don't have access to a desktop. U...
  8. New CNA Hating Life- Will it get better?

    After the 2 months or 90 days maybe, can you talk to your hospital manager about going per diem? You may loose benefits but you can have more control and flexibility with your schedule while keeping your status as an internal candidate.
  9. What to study if no Kaplan or Uworld

    I found Kaplan and Saunders NCLEX study books at the public library. Although, as many users have already stated, Uworld is the bomb.
  10. Reading nursing textbooks

    You can start by searching under the Topic 'Nursing Student' and further under 'Study Tips for Students'. This will surely get you a few good hits. Otherwise, I wrote an article here
  11. Summer 2016 Rady Children's New Grad RN Residency

    @selizabeth01 Thank you for starting this thread and I am so sorry to hear about your disappointing experience ... It sounds so frustrating and heartbreaking. I truly hope and wish the best for you though! I was hoping that there are others out there...
  12. Csusm absn fall 2016

    You can also add the Facebook group named CSUSM Nursing Marketplace - these are current and former students selling used and cheap textbooks, barely worn labcoats, etc.etc.
  13. Pre-Requisite Help!

    Hi there, You will want to start by visiting a guidance counselor at your school. They will have a good idea of the classes you need and help you create a solid plan. After that, cross check that the classes they suggest meet all the requirements fo...
  14. Hi Cheystarr2010, Not only are part-time PCT positions but there are also per diem positions (which provide even greater flexibility but usually no benefits). In my opinion, it is worth it. My story: I was working full time as a Medical Assitant when...
  15. Hi fellow UWorld Users

    @TetwRN2be I am using UWorld and I 'select all' under "Subjects" and "Systems". I haven't taken NCLEX yet but I take it at the end of the month. My rationale is that this strategy seems more true to the test - you will have to integrate critical thin...