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  1. I’m here seeking some advice! I’ve worked in the hospital and clinic setting, and have just recently ventured into the home health field. From my first year in the hospital, I started to hate my job, moved to clinic thinking that’s where I would like to be...ended up hating that too. And now that I’m in home health and I can’t stand it either I’ve really discovered that my passion is in interior design. I feel guilty that I went into nursing and wasted my time doing this, only to have recently discovered what makes me really happy. Nursing is nothing that I expected it to be. I’m tired of waiting on people hand and foot to be disrespected and unappreciated. Im so tired of watching people abuse the system every day. Drug seekers, people who want you to be their maid, being hateful, noncompliant, filthy, I just can’t stand it! I’m struggling because I don’t know if I’m burnt out or if I chose the wrong career path. And I don’t know where to go from here Does anyone else feel the same way?
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    First Year Horror

    Hello all! I'm a new graduate, having finished school in December '16! My intentions were to work in home health, a clinic, and/or eventually go back to school to pursue a masters in health administration. I unfortunately got stuck on a Med-Surg unit and literally want to cry every time I have to go to work. I absolutely HATE the patients and I don't exactly love my managers. I understand that my job is to care and be an advocate for my patient, but when 80% of the patients I care for are just FLAT OUT RUDE, how am I supposed to show compassion? I used to go through school clinicals and hear nurses say "you will lose your compassion" and I was like "nah, that won't be me". WELL IT IS! Within less than a year I literally cannot genuinely have compassion for my patients. People are so entitled and have such attitudes they are miserable to be around. I do EVERYTHING for for them all day long, and they continue to be ungrateful. Our floor, being a med-surg floor is a great starting point for many nurses so our staff is constantly shifting. Unfortunately, no one likes the unit either so everyone wants to leave, which inevitably leaves us caring for 6 patients a piece. Now yes, I understand many nurses care for 6 patients, but on our floor we receive very sick patients and with the level of acuity rising in the general population, this comes down to one conclusion...UNSAFE. I am constantly forgetting things and overlooking things throughout my day. I don't have time to sit and have a 5 min conversation because Betty down the hall won't stop calling me because she wants some ice and Larry can't seem to understand "call before you get up" so his bed alarm keeps going off, while Susie is calling patient satisfaction because I didn't give her pain medicine an hour early. When I started nursing, I was proud of myself and I had a drive to do my job well. I am so physically and mentally exhausted, I don't even spend my off days doing things for myself anymore. I spend them sleeping. I feel like this year has been such an eye-opening experience and unfortunately, nursing is not what I expected. Half of my dissatisfaction could be due to the fact I'm a new nurse and figuring out my journey, but I do 100% know that a lot of my frustration stems from the fact that nurses are unappreciated and undervalued. We do everything for our patients and physicians and management get all the praise. What ive learned is that it's so important to have a strong support group in your job setting and outside because the stress that comes with nursing cannot be dealt with alone. Thank you for reading my vent! I hope someone can relate.