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  1. Starting pre-reqs, what can I study to prepare??

    I use all the time and can't recommend it enough. I had 12 years between high school graduation and beginning my nursing school prereqs, and that site was especially helpful in preparing for math placement testing and reviewing biolog...
  2. Obtaining nursing prerequisites while in highschool?

    I wish I'd been as ambitious as you! Take advantage of high school AP classes to earn college credit, and check out your local community colleges for prerequisites—you could probably get a lot of your prereqs done online through these schools, too.
  3. Don't be an Autobot

    "It was my pleasure" in response to "thank you" was part of the script at a hospital I used to work at. I was pretty resistant to using it because in some scenarios it sounds creepy or insincere. Scripts leave no room to allow us to use our own judgm...
  4. Patient Satisfaction Surveys

    I get surveys whenever I see my PCP, whose clinic is part of the medical group where I work. I send them back with over-the-top glowing reviews, because I think they're terribly unfair. One survey had questions about the clinic's decor. It's totally ...
  5. Moms any advice?

    Psych is a good one to take online, I think you'll like it. :) I've been able to do all my prereqs online so far except for the A&P sequence, and I love having the ability to work at my own pace. Online classes can be challenging for people who a...
  6. Are you going for BSN or ASN?

    I live in Oregon and our community colleges work in cooperation with the BSN program at OHSU, so that once I graduate with my Associate's, I'm eligible to do an online RN-BSN program through OHSU. So I'm wrapping up prereqs for an Associate's degree,...
  7. What are you guys taking for spring?

    I'm running out of prereqs to do! Next term I'm just doing A&P 2 and Writing 122. After that, I just have A&P 3 and microbiology left!
  8. Only Crusty Old Bats will remember..

    I love this thread. We had big, thick paper charts at my hospital up until last month! I was sad to see them go, I was the go-to girl on my unit for reading awful handwriting. Where I work, we do still give beer to alcoholic patients to keep DTs at ...
  9. Do you ever wish you were a doctor?

    I'm not a nurse yet, but I'm in school and get the well-intentioned but increasingly irksome "but you're so smart, why aren't you going to med school" comments on a regular basis. I feel like nursing is the smarter choice for me. I'm 31 now, and I do...
  10. Math in nursing school

    I'm taking statistics this term because I thought I'd work on busting out some of my BSN prereqs prior to starting the ASN program just to have them done. This class has seriously made me consider switching fields entirely.
  11. How far out from applying are you?

    I thought I was going to be able to apply this winter for the program starting in fall 2017, but I had misinterpreted the application requirements--I thought I had to have Writing 122 before starting the program, but it turns out I had to have it pri...
  12. Should I get my CNA from a Nursing Home in Portland?

    I did my CNA1 class at a facility that had rehab and long term care units. I personally preferred the more acute rehab patient population, but that definitely isn't the case for everyone. Nursing home clinicals will probably better equip you with the...
  13. What classes are you taking? Fall 2016

    A&P 1 Statistics Human relations I don't have many classes left to go, but the ones I do have to be taken in sequence, so it's all very drawn out. I have to have microbiology to apply, but A&P 3 is the prereq for micro, and A&P 3 can't be...
  14. Eugene/Springfield Area Hospitals

    I have friends at both hospitals. They both have their advantages and disadvantages, and people have loyalties to each place for different reasons. It will probably be easier to get hired on with PeaceHealth just because of their sheer size; positio...
  15. How long did it take you to complete your prerequisites?

    I have prior college credit from 10+ years ago so luckily I'm done with electives and humanities and got all A's back then. I'm hoping to get some of the classes that can be taken during the nursing program out of the way before applying (A&P 2 a...