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  1. Pearson Vue Trick--trick no more

    The Pearson Vue Trick Did not work for me either. I had a 85 qurestion NCLEX-PN. I didn't know, if I was smart or dumb for about 4 days.
  2. Sorry, sorry about that, I'm so sorry.

    It's normal. I remember when I started my MED-SURG clinical (about a month ago). I said sorry more than any other word. You can be nervous, holding yourself to a high standard, or a number of other things. The factor that is the difference maker is i...
  3. Any advice for starting clinicals?

    I am also in my clinicals for my LPN program! (This is my third week) Remember everything is good! You need GOOD SHOES, Attitude, and Mindset! (Singing "If your happy and you know it" always helps me get happy in the morning) Ask questions! And do no...
  4. Last name on ID badge?

    That is fine with me. You have your rights. But there are people who like there "menial" jobs. Not all of the jobs you referred to take little to no training. There are retail jobs that take training. I have worked jobs in retail that are in no way u...
  5. Last name on ID badge?

    Please refrain from calling people jobs menial. That is degrading. It is not anyone's place to judge another. Everyone should be treated equally. Just because they do not make as much as another, doesn't mean they are less human.
  6. Do you have a nursing specialty you know you want to pursue?

    Well I want to be a nurse manager for a Emergency Department. I am in LPN/LVN school at the moment. Its a long road full of bumps. Will I make it? Maybe not. I will be happy with what I end up in that is for sure! Following dreams, but going with the...
  7. LPN To BSN Help Needed!

    Hello, I am a student enrolled in a LPN program in Mississippi. I want eventually work in the Emergency Room. At the moment, I am looking for a accredited program for Mississippi. This can be online or a brick and mortar school. Is there any recom...