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  1. smlundberg

    Ferris State Nursing Students?

    Hi all! I have recently moved here from Virginia. I have a BA in Communications and am transitioning from this field to Nursing. I was accepted into an ADN nursing program in VA, but had to move before I could begin it, and have been accepted to FSU and GVSU's pre-nursing programs. Ultimately, I decided to go with Ferris State because it is closer to where I currently live and the school accepted almost all of my transfer courses (which will make it possible for me to start the accelerated program this summer, provided there is space). So now I'm just curious about how current students feel about the program, especially about the accelerated BSN program, but I'll take any advice or thoughts from the Nursing program in general! How do you like it? What's the workload like? Any advice? Thanks in advance! Stephanie
  2. smlundberg

    Thomas Nelson Community College RN Program

    Hi all, I've also been accepted to the Fall 2014 class at TNCC. CaliLove707, here's another thread where a current student gives a little info on the first year nursing curriculum - hopefully this answers some of your questions! Looking forward to meeting all of you at Orientation, Stephanie
  3. smlundberg

    Thomas Nelson Fall 2014 Acceptances

    Hi Bandzero and Tiffany20, Thanks for posting the first year curriculum info, Bandzero! That's very helpful. Tiffany20 - I too was accepted for Fall 2014. I'm hoping to be able to attend, but I'm a military spouse and we're awaiting news about whether my husband will be able to extend our assignment here. Fingers crossed! I had a very easy time applying to the program, but I'd been at TNCC for two or three semesters prior, and my professors were all great and willing to give recommendations. For the TEAS, I got a 95% national and 96% program ranking, if that helps. I've had a great experience at TNCC so far; I've been really lucky with my professors in my pre-nursing courses, I feel like they've prepared me very well for the program. Looking forward to Orientation later this month! Maybe we can meet up there. Stephanie
  4. smlundberg

    VCU ABSN Summer 2014 Hopefuls!

    Hi all, Sorry to hear that you were wait-listed, Alliegem! But there is still hope that you will make it in! Sadly, I wasn't accepted this year. It's disappointing, but I'll try again. :) Good luck to you all, and I hope you have a wonderful time at VCU! Steph
  5. smlundberg

    VCU ABSN Summer 2014 Hopefuls!

    @ Wilsonr, I think you're right, I think the 2013 decision date was Jan 31 as well, and they still got theirs early. With any luck we will too...? I will not obsess. I will not obsess. I will not obsess. S.
  6. smlundberg

    VCU ABSN Summer 2014 Hopefuls!

    Hi Alliegem, You shouldn't have to retake the NCLEX to move to other states; the NCLEX is a national exam, accepted by all 50 states and several territories. I would probably have to apply for licensure in the state I was moving to, but that's just to make sure I'm on that Board of Nursing's radar. Your mom's state probably had compacts with the other states she was traveling to, so that she could practice there without having to apply in each state (or, maybe she actually did apply for licensure in each of those states, so that she could practice there without trouble). There are some instances where I believe you would have to retake the NCLEX, though, such as if you don't complete your CEUs, don't practice for a certain amount of time, or if you are disciplined and ordered to retake it, things like that. And I know what you mean about the waiting period - that's one of the things I liked about UVa, they get decisions out for their Direct Entry Masters within a month. That would be nice! Steph
  7. smlundberg

    VCU ABSN Summer 2014 Hopefuls!

    Hi ShanLil, Same with mine! I'm guessing (hoping) that means that they're close to sending out admissions decisions. Steph
  8. smlundberg

    VCU ABSN Summer 2014 Hopefuls!

    Hi Alliegem, I hope so! I actually started out as a pre-nursing major in college, but I was putting myself through school and basically ran out of energy and money. I took a break for a bit, and then went back to get my degree in communications since that is what my job needed at the time. I do love public affairs and journalism, but the market is pretty tough right now, especially for someone who moves around a lot (my husband is Air Force). So I'm really looking for a career that is more stable, easily mobile, and that I enjoy, and since I have medical experience and lot of exposure to nursing, I knew it was something I could enjoy long-term. I think you'll do great, and I'm with you - I'm hoping that we'll hear back sooner rather than later. I almost want to call and see how close they are, but I don't want to be a nuisance! Steph
  9. smlundberg

    VCU ABSN Summer 2014 Hopefuls!

    Hi all, I've also applied to the 2014 ABSN. Just a little about myself to be fair: I have a bachelor's in communications from University of Denver, and I've taken my prereqs at Thomas Nelson Community College. All A's so far (A&P I and II with Honors), and I'm taking my last prereq, Micro, this semester. I took the SAT/ACT many, many moons ago (I'm about 10 years out of high school); I think my SAT score was 1180, and my ACT composite was 24. I took the GRE in 2011 (at the time I was going for a master degree in communications, so I didn't put any effort into the math portion, as my schools wouldn't even look at it!), and got a 167E/147M (new scale) and 4.5 on the writing. I didn't retake the GRE for the math portion (that was a tough decision), and instead took several math courses and got As to shore up my math credentials, so hopefully that will help make up for the low score! My background is in public affairs and journalism; I started out my career at a public health department where I was an assistant public information officer and the coordinator for a emergency medical volunteer organization, and am a former EMT and CNA. After that I worked for the US Navy as a program analyst and later as a journalist for a publication company. I'm looking forward to switching careers, and I hope we get our admissions decisions soon! Steph

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