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    Road to FNP (nontraditional route)

    Thank you all for taking the time to response to my post. I've done research prior to committing myself into this program and what I've found is 50/50. I've seen some NP programs doesn't care about grad work and still look into your undergrad as a way to weed you out, and there are some programs who look highly upon on RECENT grad work as a good contender to the program. Wherever this may take me, I'm just glad I'm in one and on my way to receiving an advanced degree. Thanks again to all of you!
  2. I'm currently in an MSN program (Education track) provisionally because I have a very low undergrad GPA. (2.6 , have about 200 credits and taking another 80 credits to bump it up only to a 3.0 is not something I'm interested in doing) and then plan to continue to post MSN FNP certificate. My questions is, is it wise to go this route? Has anyone here done this and if so, can you please share your story? I'm very FORTUNATE enough to be accepted into a nonprofit, brick and mortar university who was willing to allow me to prove myself. I don't believe in giving up yet. so I am prepared to go the nontraditional route to achieve my goal. I just want to make sure I'm investing money rather than throwing it away. Any input would be appreciated! Thanks!