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I am 26 married to Shawn and Mama to Marc David *21 months old* 26wk preemie.

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  1. Okie2, which CC are you going to? I'm going to OSU-OKC. they have a great NCLEX pass rate. actually SWOSU is one of the top 3 schools in the nation for their RN program. but I can't afford to drive to weatherford LOL. Ang
  2. LnDNurse2Be

    a rant (pts come to hospital for the littlest of things)

    My lord . . . I was up and around getting my catheter taken out at 9am after having a c/s and not getting to my regular room until 1am. I was walking *albeit slow* the day after open gastric bypass and open gallbladder and hernia repair. You don't move, you can't move. . . .it's as simple as that!
  3. LnDNurse2Be

    Infertility Evaluation Advice

    Hi, Infertility sucks. We tried for 3.5 years before we had our baby. I second/third TCOYF by toni. there is a website for it too, tcoyf.com you can download software to help track your charting. there is also messageboards where you can ask questions. I like tcoyf (ovusoft) better then fertility friend, for me it is easier to work the software. Take Care Ang
  4. LnDNurse2Be

    What are/were your clinicals during school?

    I'm pretty sure NICU is not in my future *God forbid I have another preemie anyway* but I would actually like to go back in and be an observer/helper. It would be familiar surroundings for me. I'm not sure why my sister refused NICU, I think her nephew being in there got to her more then she let on. Thanks for the info Ang
  5. My sister is currently in the accelerated BSN program at OHSC *OU* and when it came time to do an ICU rotation she asked that she not be put in a NICU. Did/do any of have NICU rotations? I personally do not mind going into a NICU because I'll know what to expect. Is NICU a requirement of some kind? What other clinicals do you do in school? Thanks Ang
  6. LnDNurse2Be

    NICU visitation policy-Are more visitors really better?

    In the NICU where my son was, parents and grandparents could visit anytime they wanted to with the exception of shift change. At 630pm you were asked to leave the unit and you could return at 715p; the same for the AM shift. You had to do a scrub. Visitors other than P/GP had to be with a parent. Over the phone info was given to anyone that had the pass code #. In our case, I had it, my husband had it, and my mom had it. I remember telling one of Marc's nurses to please tell my dad everything she could. She remarked that had I not asked her to do this she wouldn't have. Only thing is I couldn't go see Marc that day and my dad could *i was sick* I remember going to see Marc at 230am because my husband finally got up the nerve to see and talk to him. They never blinked an eye. The night he was born my dad and mom were the first to see him in the NICU. I also remember them closing the unit one day *it was closed @ 30mins* for the privacy of a family that lost their child. I never blinked an eye at this. I know *I* would want privacy and wanted to give it as well. how insensitive those parents were!!!!!! Ang
  7. I was just wondering because I'd like to study it as much as possible. Thanks in Advance Ang :)
  8. LnDNurse2Be

    Question about Bloody Amniotic Fluid?

    I went into labor on a saturday but I had lost my plug on wednesday before that. I had a cerclage as I went in to labor at 20w4d and was found to have true IC. When I arrived at the hospital closest to me (i lived 120 miles away from my Peri) I had dilated to a 4 with bulging bags. When my water broke *sunday night at 21:00* it was deep red *almost black* mixed in with bright red. On my report that I received it said something to the effect of "fluid:bloody" The cerclage did tear through my cervix, when they removed it , it was still in a perfect circle with knot still tied. When they got Marc to the NICU and I was able to talk to someone they told me he had an infection so maybe that is why he insisted on coming early! Thanks for the replies I appreciate it alot!!! Ang
  9. I am attending OSUOKC ( http://www.osuokc.edu/health ) it's an AAS program though. I hope this gives you some help Ang
  10. LnDNurse2Be

    Question about Bloody Amniotic Fluid?

    I figured this was the best place to ask some questions about this. When my water broke at 25w6d it was bloody. I went into labor the day before but they staved it off with MagSulfate and trendelenburg *did I even get close to spelling that right :chuckle ?* Marc had a prolapsed cord and was double footling breech. He was born by c/s but my water broke before that. Can anyone tell me why my fluid was bloody and why they would send my placenta to path?? *which I didn't find out about until 2 days ago* Thanks Ang
  11. I am about to go into nursing school so that is actually why I am here. I just had to stop by and let you know that I appreciate every one of you as NICU nurses. My son was born at 25w6d weighing 2lbs. He was in the NICU for 10wks and I am grateful he had the nurses he did. It take a special person to do this and I am happy y'all have joined in the special people. Thank You again :) y'all are Ang if you need to move this I understand! and Sorry about it if you do.