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oystersinmay has 7 years experience as a MSN, APRN.

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  1. oystersinmay

    Misconceptions/truths about specialities

    misconception: psych nursing is easy, "I'm transferring to the psych floor." post-misconception reality: "psych nursing is stressful, and I don't really have a passion for it anyway so I'm transferring out of psych, but now I want to go to grad school for psych NP because I heard you can easily find a job and they get paid more."
  2. oystersinmay

    Psych NPs working in hospitals. What are your hours?

    I'm a PMHNP-BC and I work 4 10's in an outpatient setting. Honestly, from my experience, it seems many organizations are willing to negotiate 4 10s, especially in areas with high need for psychiatric providers. Just my experience anyway when I was job searching as a new grad....
  3. oystersinmay

    2020 Nurse Corps Loan Repayment Program

    I accepted mine (LRP-SUD) as well. I wonder when it will all be finalized. The waiting is/has been intense.
  4. oystersinmay

    psych NPs--Seattle area

    My boyfriend and I are looking to move out of the Midwest (Missouri) and Seattle is on our list of potential West Coast cities to relocate. He's in tech and has contacts so finding a gig may not be that difficult for him, but I would like to know what the market/climate is like for psychiatric NPs.
  5. oystersinmay

    For-Profit NP admissions... I thought they were joking!

    If you're having issues garnering respect from your peers then it probably has nothing to do, directly, with the school you've obtained your np degree from. Walden NP grad here. I work for one of the most well-regarded research facilities in the country, and no one questions where I received my degree.
  6. oystersinmay

    Should I quit if the job doesn't fit??

    best advice
  7. oystersinmay

    Goodbye, fellow nurses

    I worked the corporate gig for a few years after graduating with my first bachelors, and I'd never met a more back-stabby, climb over everyone whose in my way to the top of the ladder type of people. I had to leave before the atmosphere completely destroyed my youthful optimism.
  8. oystersinmay

    I dislike nursing but love therapy--PMHNP or LMHC?

    I just got hired onto a psych floor, so I'm not going to have as much sage advice as someone whose spent years in behavioral health, but I think your fears are a bit unfounded...but I'm not dismissing them as a real concern that most people have. The potential to get assaulted exists on every floor, as there are psych patients everywhere in my experience. My ED friends can also attest to that. I think really the best you can do is take the necessary safety precautions, and don't let your fears get in the way of something you're passionate about. I think you should go for the psych np because it will give you a bit more versatility as opposed to becoming a licensed counselor, and I also think you should definitely get some experience around psych patients so you can have a good foundation of how all the behavioral disorders/illnesses are manifested.
  9. Does anyone know how these graduate intern positions work? I read on their website that they offer the grad intern program in January and July, and I was wondering if the grad intern positions are currently for the program in July, or are these positions something you're just directly hired into when you apply? I'm graduating in May and plan on moving back to Springfield to work.