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  1. mtfnp

    Frontier FNP program

    The school does not require labor and delivery experiences for the FNP students. And I can honestly say that when you get into practice 695 hours won't seem like it was nearly long enough.
  2. mtfnp

    Frontier FNP program

    There is a lot of reading involved. There are lectures both online and in the syllabi. There are also learning activities to be done for each section--these are best done by dividing them up among study group members and then sharing the info. Divide and conquer. There are papers to write, and forum assignments to post, but there are also out in the community experiences you have to do--giving a presentation about NPs to some group, going into a local provider's office to observe (not related to clinical experiences), and online presentations to post in the school's bulletin board system. Finding preceptors in my area was difficult. I wish I could have found one FNP who covered all the required experiences, but the one I did find didn't have a Master's degree, so couldn't use her. There isn't a lot for the actual preceptor to do, except provide proof of credentials and go through a pre-clinical site visit. The school would like it if the preceptor would do their online preceptor course (CEU's are provided) but I don't think many do it. None of mine did, anyway. There is a daily feedback form the preceptor needs to sign, and hopefully write some comments on. The courses are very current, there are always links to articles, websites, or other pertinent information within the class syllabus. there are also online chats with students and instructors. If you have any more questions, I am happy to try to help. Have you checked the school's website?
  3. mtfnp


    try the free version first, see if you find it helpful. It has many of the same features as the subscriber version. http://www.epocrates.com
  4. mtfnp

    New From Montana

    http://www.discoveringmontana.com/dli/bsd/license/bsd_boards/nur_board/board_page.asp click on professional licensing at the top of the page, then statutes and rules.
  5. mtfnp

    Anyone gone through A+P 1+2 and not cover a system?

    Immune and lymphatics are often covered better in pathophysiology...as is thermoregulation. Nutrition is most often a course by itself, often not a required course.
  6. mtfnp


    If you are already trained as an ED np, you should have no problem finding work. Even in the western part of the state, where the "glut" of nps are, there are places looking for this type of np.
  7. mtfnp

    Anp Program Online??

    Have you looked at Frontier? It is very reasonable, under $400/credit hour. http://www.midwives.org (they also train midwives) It involves 2 trips to the campus, clinicals are arranged in your home community or nearby.
  8. mtfnp

    Frontier FNP program

    I did the full time option. I thought that since I worked 32 hrs/wk and did my BSN, I could do Frontier and work 32 hrs/wk. Wrong! But I also have a husband and three children. I started in August, and by December I knew that I had to give something up, so the job went. Thank goodness for student loans. My typical week while in school was school work from 8 am to 4pm, sometimes 5 p.m. We all did our homework together. I tried not to do schoolwork on weekends, and that worked out pretty well. Exams are proctored, I did mine at the local library. As for flaws, the biggest hurdle for most is that you have to find your own preceptors and arrange your own clinicals. The preceptor has to have a master's degree and preferably two years of experience. You can have an M.D. or D.O. for a preceptor but only for a maximum of 6 wks (I forget the percentage) of your clinical time. The idea is to learn your role, hopefully within your home state or the state you will practice in, from an FNP. If you visit the school's website, you can find the required types and numbers of patient visits and for my class it was 675 clinical hours. The preceptor has to go through the credentialing process with Frontier and a site visit is required before you can start clinicals. One weak spot for my level 3 group was in orthopedic assessment. We had a new instructor...I am not sure how many hours other FNP programs spend on learning to interpret xrays, but I know I don't think we spent enough time on that. Funny enough, there was nothing on boards about it...If you do Frontier, you are more than well prepared for boards. And a little help from Margaret Fitzgerald doesn't hurt either ;-) The best part about the didactic portion is that you are always learning the latest information, the instructors stay current! I can honestly say that when I went to the AANP conference in 2003, I really didn't hear anything new regarding HTN, lipids, or women's health, headaches, otitis, diabetes etc. A very few new items in the CAM session. I really can't say how my skills compare to other FNP program grads, I am in a one provider practice right now. I do know that physical assessment skills are an important part of the program, and by the time you check off in this you are very well prepared to do a complete physical in 45 minutes. You spend time on suturing and how to do an excisional biopsy, pap smears, pelvic exams, wet preps, walk thru IUD insertion and learn about endometrial biopsy, pelvimetry, Leopold's, --other procedures are not covered as this is basic foundation for entry into practice. I think what can make or break you is your preceptor and whether they are a teacher or not. Sorry so long winded. Let me know if you have other questions.
  9. mtfnp

    Frontier FNP program

    I graduated from the Frontier FNP program in August 2004. What in particular would you like to know? Don't go into it as a full time student and expect to be able to work full time and have a family life, too. There is a part-time option available also. Like any program, there is an occasional weak spot, but the administration is constantly working to improve the program. And where else can you sit down and have lunch with the President, program chair, and the endowed Mary Breckinridge chair on the same day? I didn't have any problems due to the distance education label when finding a job. It seems to be the "experience required" part that causes more problems when job hunting. Please ask any questions. I'll be happy to answer if I can.