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Right now I am in my second year of nursing school! :)

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  1. How fast did you land a job?

    Hi there! I graduate in about 3 weeks, and I just accepted a job offer today in my unit of interest at a hospital 45 min from my house. I applied to many hospitals in the area that had "RN residency" positions open. I started applying about 2 months ...
  2. Confused about APRN options in Oncology

    This was very helpful, thank you so much! I really appreciate your time in helping me understand where to start. :)
  3. Confused about APRN options in Oncology

    Hi there! I'm graduating with my ADN in June, and am hoping to get into an RN-BSN program this year. I have a long way to go, but I know for sure that I want to be an APRN. I haven't decided whether to go for the Nurse Practitioner route or the Clini...
  4. I hate being a CNA

    Hi there. I work as a CNA in LTC while I am in nursing school, and I have been at this same job for about a year and a half. The first couple of months, I went out in my car and cried during every lunch break. I said "How can I possibly do this? It'...
  5. I'm Not Flaky, Lazy, Or Stupid...

    Hi Canigraduate- I also have inattentive ADHD. I wasn't diagnosed until 3 years after high school. I barely graduated high school, and then in college I was still failing a lot of classes. (This was at community college, I never applied to a univers...
  6. Bellevue College hopefuls 2014-2015

    Hey guys, I don't know if this is a dumb question... but are the textbooks we're buying for fall going to be most of the textbooks we're going to need for all 6 quarters of the nursing program, or are we going to have to buy like 9 books every quarte...
  7. Bellevue College hopefuls 2014-2015

    Bellucy- Here are the required books & materials lists that we got at orientation. (You might have to rotate the pictures, my phone is doing that for some reason) Congratulations on joining us! :)
  8. Bellevue College hopefuls 2014-2015

    Gotmilk & thriftykid: It really depends, when it comes to the NAC exam. I got a test date in the mail about a week after I sent out my paperwork, but the test date was about a month out. Then, after I passed my exam it took me 3 months to get my ...
  9. Bellevue College hopefuls 2014-2015

    Chie called me yesterday too, and after playing phone tag we finally got to talk just now. I accepted a spot in fall!!!! I can't believe this is happening! :) Congrats ASL! I see that you took a spot too!
  10. Bellevue College hopefuls 2014-2015

    Kare_bear: I am in winter cohort and I would totally switch spots with you in a heartbeat. I wonder if you asked if they'd switch you with the highest person on the winter list. Maybe!
  11. Bellevue College hopefuls 2014-2015

    Oh wow Jaycam I'm such an idiot I thought you were reading the nursing school textbook Hahahahaha!!!!! Congrats Acrandall! :) Yay!
  12. Bellevue College hopefuls 2014-2015

    Thanks Seattle Jess, and shoreline is a great program from what I have heard! Really though, It's okay if it doesn't trickle down for me, I'm okay with starting in Winter. Just 3 months later then I'd hoped! Like I said I'm just happy to be given the...
  13. Bellevue College hopefuls 2014-2015

    Don't give up hope, you guys on the waitlist! Hopefully only the people on this forum accept the offer, because that would open up a lot of spots! also, we have to pay our deposit by May 31st! So soon after that people should hear about getting bump...
  14. Bellevue College hopefuls 2014-2015

    I'm in for Winter!!!!!! Congrats to everyone who got in so far! If anyone gets bumped up please post I'm just hoping to get bumped up to fall... (88.7 TEAS) I'm not holding my breath hahaha. I'm so happy just to have a spot.... OMG.
  15. Bellevue College hopefuls 2014-2015

    Asl and Jaycam, congrats!!!! I'm so happy that everyone has gotten in so far :)