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  1. Documenting an in/out implant

    We document "in and out" next to the implant, sizer, screw, etc that does not remain in the patient if it was newly placed in the patient and does not remain in the patient. We do this not only for tracking and charging purposes but also for reorderi...
  2. New Grad OR Nurse- Job Not Going Well

    I'm a new RN grad doing residency in the OR. I've been there about the same length as you and I'm barely getting my strides in with simpler, general cases. Our program lasts 6 months (~24hr/week), but I've been told when I'm hired full time, I am exp...
  3. ATT for NCLEX 2015- California

    We graduated late May. Our dean also told us to not rush into applying to the BRN because it wouldn't matter due to paperwork and transcripts that need to be sent in and processed. Although I'm sure there is some truth to that, I also found that It s...
  4. CALIFORNIA NCLEX Takers - Results

    I would verify for license tomorrow morning (located on the left side of BreEZe when you sign on) before calling BRN.
  5. CALIFORNIA NCLEX Takers - Results

    Wow that was a long turn around. Tested in Bay Area Date: 7/13/2015 @ 1330, finished at 1430 License Posted on BreeZe: 7/15/2015 @ 0800 Lame - do you have a license number posted?
  6. Second degree - ADN or BSN?

    I also have another degree and decided I wanted to be a nurse (neither of the schools you're going to). I chose to go the ADN route due to funding. I knew I wasn't going to be working and simply couldn't afford to go for the entry level BSN or MSN ro...