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lindberg328 BSN, RN

Intermediate Care/Telemetry
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lindberg328 has 1 years experience as a BSN, RN and specializes in Intermediate Care/Telemetry.

Graduated from University of Texas Medical Branch in Galveston, Texas with my BSN in August 2018 and started my first nursing job as a day shift nurse in the Intermediate Care/Telemetry Unit at Ogden Regional Medical Center in Ogden, Utah. 

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  1. Hello, I am currently employed at an HCA hospital in Utah and have been here for approximately one year now. I’m now interested in looking for Per Diem jobs to pick up an extra shift a week here and there to save up a little extra money and work off my unit (Intermediate Care/Telemetry). Healthtrust Workforce Solutions has several per diem positions open in my area, and the pay per hour is double my current hourly rate. I’d rather take on a per diem job versus pick up an extra shift because of the pay difference, but my question is this: Healthtrust Workforce Solutions contracts nurses to work at HCA hospitals, so can I even apply for a position there or is it considered a conflict of interest? Any extra information would be helpful for those of you who have any experience with this. Thanks in advance.
  2. lindberg328

    UTMB Summer 2017

    I just received an email this morning saying I was added to the wait list for Spring 2017. At my interview, the admissions counselor told me to reapply for Summer 2017 as a backup plan without changing a thing or retaking any classes. To give you an idea of where my scores ranged: Overall GPA: 3.22 Science GPA: 3.18 TEAS Score: 90.7% (According to ATI it's in the 99th percentile) My grades in college were obviously not nearly as stellar as most other applicants, but the fact that I got wait listed at a school as reputable as UTMB has given me high hopes. I can only hope that things will continue to look up and I'll get accepted either this spring or summer.
  3. lindberg328

    UTMB Spring 2017

    I got a call from Irma Garcia last Friday for an interview for the wait list. Something is better than nothing, I'm going in for my interview tomorrow morning!