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psychgeribuff has 3 years experience and specializes in Geriatric Psychiatry.

Geriatric Psych

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  1. psychgeribuff

    Frustrated With New Narcotic Rules

    At my facility the doctor can speak directly to the pharmacisit to gain the order for weekend/nights. Then they can give you the code to get into the e box or send the medication. I assume your pharmacy is the same way and they have not notified the nurses of this. It is unethical to allow a patient to suffer with pain.
  2. psychgeribuff

    Dealing with dementia residents

    I have worked with many dementia patients in ltc and psych. Another way to handle the situation in the future is to look at the patient state there name and say "please do not hurt me" once they let go or you are able to remove there hand gently walk away. This is called decreasing stimulation and I have found to be the best intervention in a violent situation with dementia.
  3. psychgeribuff

    How do you deal with dementia residents?

    ♥♥♥♥♥♥-love this post, I believe we are on the same wave length Kevin. I think you would be the perfect Nurse for a geri-psych unit!!!!
  4. psychgeribuff

    Statements post fall

    Check devices to be in working order. Walker, bed, wheelchair.
  5. psychgeribuff

    Nurse Manager Head Explosion

    I am not sure what is running through the tubing and where it is going- iv, gastric tube,?? If you look in our policy manual at work it will give you a set limit of time to change tubing. Every facility is different. Also last resort you could call up your pharmacist and ask what they recommend. Hope this helped!!
  6. psychgeribuff

    Nurse Manager Head Explosion

    Awe I am sorry, I was trying to be cute not mean. I did not understand the post because of all the abbreviations. If you clarified some of them I would love to try and help!!!
  7. psychgeribuff

    Nurse Manager Head Explosion

    I think my head just exploded with all the abbreviations.
  8. psychgeribuff

    What's With the "Poop"?

    Well I believe the correct diagnosis is BOB. Bowl on the Brain. I am attempting to get this diagnosis into the next DSM. Lol. Goodluck with the poo!!
  9. psychgeribuff

    Maslow's hierarchy of Needs.

    Thank you all for sharing!! This theory is how I try and practice. I also try and stress this to the new nurses I am able to orient. I use the example of passing medication and being in a hurry. Your patient needs to use the bathroom and there is no cna to do this task. Your thinking " O no I dont have enough time!!" But rememmber this basic need trumps the pills we throw at them. Put them on the toliet, meet these basic needs please!! They are the most important part of nursing. And enable our patient to start on the next hierarchy of needs. If we dont meet the basic ones our patients lose a lot more than there dignity!!!
  10. psychgeribuff

    Maslow's hierarchy of Needs.

    I am curious to know how my fellow nurses prioritize patient care and needs. Does anyone ever think about Maslow's Hierarchy of needs? First tier is physiological: like breathing, eating, and excretion. 2nd is saftey: security of body, morality. 3rd tier includes love and belonging. 4th tier is esteem including respect. And last tier is self actualization. Do you follow these tiers and do you believe the patients you care for are getting these needs meet.
  11. psychgeribuff

    Do you tell?

    I tell them. Makes them more aware of the care they give. I dont want them taking short cuts with me or my kiddos.
  12. psychgeribuff

    Where are all the nurses?

    I have to agree you sound like a wonderful DON and I would love to work for one such as you. My facility is the same were are the nurses? I can tell you I am staying home with my young children my husband has a wonderful job. But go to work about two days a month. Wish it were more often but my question is where are all the reliable child care workers. Welcome to rural west virginia.
  13. psychgeribuff

    career path after LTC as first job

    I had two friends that worked LTC out of nursing school for one year and then both recieved full time positions in one of the best ICU's in our area. Experience is what managers are looking for. And not to be snippy but what do you mean "Loosing your skills" nursing school isn't where you obtain your nursing skills it is where you learn the basics. IE the reason why graduate nurses have trouble getting hired. My advice to you is to be proud of what you have done for the past year!, LTC is not easy!!! And follow your heart and apply to what you believe is your dream job!! Good Luck!!
  14. psychgeribuff

    LTC Charting: A Beginner's Guide

    Love this article thank you for posting/writing it.