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  1. New Grad - NICU or L&D ?

    I started in L&D. I feel like NICU and L&D can cross paths at times, like if your a NICU nurse attending a c-section or a high risk birth etc if thats how your facility runs things. but I feel they are different specialties. L&D for me is...
  2. Anyone having trouble getting hired??

    I have seen some same day turn around stuff but its typically covid specific and crisis oriented--like may be temporary. A regular FT job unrelated to this may take time due to the priority being on the pandemic staffing. Also, may be area specfic....
  3. Do I take my dream job while pregnant during the pandemic?

    If Covid is your deciding factor then you shouldn't be working in general- it is everywhere the people are, which is everywhere. However, sounds like staying home isn't an option, so I would take the job with good pay that you perceive as your dream...
  4. Girl -brush the dust off you pants, and get going! Take the NCLEX and get grooving. Even if OB was impossible to get into right away, it is possible. Be willing to try other things to gain experience and use as a stepping stone! There is soo much awe...
  5. It's cool to let go of OB and do something different! The beauty of nursing. If you still feel like you want to be in OB though, consider L&D, high risk antepartum or NICU ( if you have a higher level one) for some more action. I liked L&D ca...
  6. Critical Care Eliticism?

    Go for it! There is nothing wrong with liking something new or dare I say being comfortable, happy and enjoying your job. As previous poster recommended, you could always cross train in the future into L&D if you want more excitement in the futur...
  7. New nurse needs help finding a new non-bedside job?

    If transferring to a different unit is an option, I would look into it! As some people mentioned, you may not actually hate bedside, just the shitastic situation your in now- i totally would be ready to quit too! You are only human! . I have worked a...
  8. Where to go!

    Wow, sounds like you have lots of great things going on in your future. I went right into L&D, and I feel like it is its own beast. Obviously great to come in with basic nursing skills, but it's definatley something you could also jump into head ...
  9. What do you eat during your shifts?

    Graham crackers/saltines and peanut butter from the nutrition room, or if I'm feeling salty, chicken broth. Jello for dessert. haha, Hmm.. I try to keep protein based stuff- cheese sticks, jerky, bars, greek yogurt. really quick things that keep you ...
  10. Get into a different unit or specialty with a lower patient load. The world is your oyster, don’t let not being able to handle 7 patients on a floor job break you. No one should have that ratio!
  11. Asked to Write a Formal Explanation

    You fell asleep/were impaired because you couldn’t afford your heart medications because you spent 1000 dollars on gift cards that turned out to be a company ceo e-mail scam? Sorry, your story is super confusing. Maybe start again with the story? a...
  12. Haven't worked since I graduated

    Many hospitals have “new grad” residencies, that can apply to anyone under a year or experience. Reach out to some recruiters with these types of programs with your situation. You never know
  13. termination :(

    I agree with some others, I think it was weird for a hospital to go through investing in all the hiring process and orientation and not offer you to transfer to a lower acuity floor setting to gain skills, etc. Regardless, cut yourself some slack! ...
  14. I would get into a new grad ICU residency and tell her to have a nice day ?
  15. RN Dialysis training - Davita vs Fresenius

    The “Dialysis Inc” locations ( another company with locations in USA) do 13.5 /3 days a week hour days around here which is still alot! But seems to be the standard. If you can stick it out and get some experience, it may open more opportunities in...