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  1. Em843

    UMSON Spring 2015

    Hi everyone, So I got in! I was waitlisted last semester and actually started at Montgomery College this fall. I just got my call a few minutes ago. Now I have to decide what to do...I'm grateful I got in but it's such a hard decision now!
  2. Does anyone know anything about this? At MC's registration this week, Prof. Matthews said a dual enrollment program will be available this fall, but I can't find any more info about it except for a news story about a pilot project that started awhile ago. I'd love to know any more details if anyone has any! Thanks
  3. So I was wait listed at UMSON for fall 2014 at the Shady Grove campus. I've heard from someone that it may be easier to get in for the spring because there are less applicants, I guess. Does anyone know if there is any truth to this? Also, for anyone who was wait listed at UMSON, our applications roll over for the spring, right? So is there anything I need to submit for the spring application? Thanks!
  4. Em843

    Montgomery College Fall 2014

    I'm sorry to all of those who haven't heard yet. The hardest part is the waiting. I got in. I just faxed my form in to accept. Has anyone else decided if they will definitely be enrolling?
  5. Em843

    BSN by 2020

    I have a BA in bio-psych and would prefer to do the ADN program mostly because it's so much cheaper. Does anyone know if hospitals in DC/MD still hire ADNs though? I have no problem with agreeing to get my BSN within a few years.
  6. Em843

    Montgomery College Nursing Fall 2012

    Hi drea588. I applied to MC for the fall. Could you let me know what the job prospects are like for you and your classmates? I would love to go to MC, but I'm worried about not being able to land a job after graduating. Thanks!
  7. Em843

    UMSON Fall 2014

    I called the admissions office today. They told me that wait-listed applicants would not get a letter yet. First the office goes through the letters from those who were accepted to see who accepted their spot. Then in 2 weeks, they would get to the wait list. It was unclear as to whether the wait-listed people would start hearing in 2 weeks, or if they would start looking at the wait list in 2 weeks. Either way, I guess it's not too long until some of us hopefully starting hearing back!
  8. Em843

    Towson nursing admission fall'14

    I will likely be applying to Towson for the spring. Does anyone know if the Second Degree program is shorter than the traditional BSN program? Their website is confusing to me.
  9. Em843


    I'm not wait-listed at Towson, but at UMSON. It sucks. As much as it would be nice to know either way, though, it is nice to know that we still have a shot. I just wish there were a deadline as to when we would know for sure. I'm a big planner, and this is hard me to have my future plans up in the air. At UMSON, your application rolls over to the next cycle if you don't get in, so there's always hope. Does Towson have that? Good luck to you! I hope all of us on the wait-list get in!
  10. Em843

    Montgomery College Fall 2014

    I was looking at the schedule and I also have a friend in the program. Looks like you can schedule all of your classes/clinicals into 3 days the first semester, and maybe 2 days second semester. So you can definitely get a weekend in there!
  11. Em843

    Montgomery College Fall 2014

    Thanks ambz13! Do you know if you can defer for a semester? Just wondering. Thanks again for your help!
  12. Em843

    Montgomery College Fall 2014

    Does anyone know if there is a deposit for MC if you want to hold your spot? And how much it is? Thanks!
  13. Yes, this is what I'm worried about. I live in a big city on the east coast and BSNs are definitely preferred. I worry about not being able to get a job with an ADN, and then not being able to get into the BSN-RN program either.
  14. Em843

    Montgomery College Fall 2014

    I'm waiting for a letter too!
  15. I'm applying to a BSN program and an associates program. If I'm fortunate to get into both programs, I will have a hard time choosing. I know this issue has been discussed a lot here, but I'm wondering if anyone has done the ADN with the plan to do an RN-BSN program directly after. Did the hospital pay for it? This would save me a lot of money, even though it would take longer. Thanks.