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  1. Dance moon

    vitamin k po 10mg ?

    Hi there, Did anybody give vitamin K 10mg PO for a high INR= 8.x ? I did my very first time today after clarify 2 times with Dr for the order, the highest dosage i gave was 2mg for a high INR( don't remember the exact number ), i am kind of questioning this order, hope i didn't do anything wrong...
  2. Hi Everyone, I have an in person interview opportunity next week for a PT RN position in inpatient surgical unit in hospital, very venous. I worked in surgical unit for 2 years experience from previous work place, What are common interview questions for surgical nurse do interviewer/ hiring manager ask? tks a lot
  3. Hi Everyone, I recently left my work because a termination by hospital somehow related to a hospital huge budget cutting plus a pt's complaint with racism and injustice , it has been extremely difficult for me to accept it.... however I have to move on to looking for a new job... what do I say in a job interview if I am asked the reason of leaving previous job? I know that I have to be honest with the question during interview with our nursing profession liability, but nobody will give me a job if I do tell the truth.... what should I do?... anybody have encountered similar situation that can give me any suggestions? appreciate with any opinions , suggestions ....