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  1. FrankieDax

    LSU RN to BSN Spring 2016

    Can you tell me any more about this? I did not realize that there was any clinical aspect to the program. If you are already working as a RN can you just choose someone at work? Does your scope of practice change at all when you are getting precepted as a student? Seems like a pretty quick program and glad to hear you are enjoying it. Thanks for all the info, you've been a great help!
  2. FrankieDax

    LSU RN to BSN Spring 2016

    Thanks for the info. I should be able to pull those off over the summer at Delgado. I would be really interested in hearing what you think of the program as time progresses. Specifically how the difficulty level and workload are compared to Charity. I have a 4.0 at Charity but had to quit working in level 3 in order to maintain grades. I plan on working full time as soon as I get a job and would like to know that it's manageable (while still maintaining grades).
  3. FrankieDax

    LSU RN to BSN Spring 2016

    I am currently at charity and thinking about LSU for my BSN. I saw that some of the prerequisites required for the bridge program were not perquisites at charity (chemistry and statistics). Did you have these prior to applying to did they accept you without them? The way I am reading the website, it looks like I will have to take those classes prior to starting at LSU.
  4. FrankieDax

    Charity SON Spring 2014

    Do any of you still have your level 1 syllabus? I just downloaded the ebook bundle and this semester it contains 14 books. I'd like to be able to start exposing myself to some things that will be covered during the semester but with that many books I have no idea where to start. If any of you can point the fall class in the right direction, I'm sure we would all appreciate it.
  5. I can't seem to find the Facebook group.
  6. FrankieDax

    Charity SON Fall 2014

    I really hope that 60 was a miscalculation...
  7. FrankieDax

    Charity school of nursing fall 2014

    Last semester the profile score needed was between 75-80. Today when I went in the lady who accepted my application "couldn't say" what it was but she threw around the number 85 later in the conversation. Why rush it? Take AP2 and Microbiology and anything else you can before applying so you can both have a better chance and be more prepared. I just applied and have a profile score of 95. Had I not completed all those classes it would have been an 85. Those extra points for completing those classes are worth a lot!
  8. FrankieDax

    Charity nursing New Orleans 2014 spring

    Last semester the required score was 75-80. I Don't expect it to be lower than that this semester. I would recommend retaking classes and really trying to understand the material. Don't go into it with just the goal of getting an A. You need to remember that these are peoples lives. While it may be inconvenient for you to retake a class, it would be more inconvenient to get into nursing school and not be able to keep up, or worse yet, to cause harm to a patient down the road because you didn't actually learn and retain the material. Scraping by with a C is NOT okay. If you are serious about wanting to become a nurse you need to buckle down and retake those classes. I wouldn't bother applying until you have taken every class you can possibly take (AP2, Micro etc) and passed them with a minimum of a B.