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  1. dotdotcurve33

    Passed w/ 76 questions! HURST vs Kaplan !

    Hey guys, So I took my NCLEX today and found out I passed !! I said if I passed the first time that I would do a post to probably help others out just like other posts have helped me. i completed the test at 76 questions. I was so nervous after it didn't shut off at 75 ������ I had: 12 SATA About 35 "who do you see first" 10 or so infection control questions & the rest were recall questions that were at the beginning of the test (only 3 med questions) No dosage calculations No "what order would you do this in" questions No questions with exhibits or graphics To study I used both Hurst & Kaplan, so I will give you my opinion about how they compare to the NCLEX. Hands down I feel like Kaplan questions were EXACTLY like NCLEX questions. I felt like Hurst questions were all content related and didn't prepare me well for the type of questions the NCLEX asks. Kaplan also gives you WAY more questions so you get a very good idea of every topic. My vote: KAPLAN!!! I also used that 35 page study guide for a quick review and it also helped a lot!!! I didn't get that "OMG I failed" feeling after it shut off, I felt very prepared. Hope this helps! ☺️☺️
  2. dotdotcurve33

    Should I go straight through?

    Thanks for all the feedback. Yes, I do know that I will need experience & I do not expect to get a leadership job right away ( I know it will be a couple of years off). I would just like to earn my degrees slowly as I gain the experience.
  3. dotdotcurve33

    Should I go straight through?

    I am a senior nursing student graduating in May 2016. I am currently looking at my options after school & I know I want to go into leadership as I have explored the many post RN career options. (I also work in a hospital,so I have seen the many jobs of nurses) Can anyone give me advice on what they think of me going right into my MSN/MBA degree after undergrad?
  4. Hello everyone! I am a senior nursing student expecting to graduate within the next year. All the time I get asked about advice about nursing school from how to study to balancing your life; I know I am not the only one who looks back to the beginning of their nursing journey and say "I wish would've known that..", so I would like to know if you all think that current or future nursing students would benefit from ebooks containing everything from advice to resources to personal stories to help them along the way? Please comment with feedback positive or negative! Thanks
  5. dotdotcurve33

    Houston Methodist MAPP Program 2015!

    Since the deadline is today, I thought I would create a thread for us who applied! Just a little about me! Im Bianca. Im from south Louisiana. I have also applied to other programs here in Louisiana and around the South. I am very excited to see where I will be going this summer! Welcome! Has anyone applied to other programs? Do you know how many people usually get chosen for this program? How are you feeling about almost being seniors? Do any of you work as nurse techs now?
  6. dotdotcurve33

    Houston Methodist Summer MAPP

    I am applying for the summer 2015 program. Can you give me some advice on what they are looking for?
  7. dotdotcurve33

    Mayo Clinic Summer III 2015

  8. dotdotcurve33

    University of South Alabama BSN-DNP Fall 2014

    Are any of you recent BSN graduates?
  9. dotdotcurve33

    Top challenges of being a nursing student!

    Thanks for the replies !
  10. dotdotcurve33

    Top challenges of being a nursing student!

    Hello everyone! I'm doing a presentation about the top challenges that nursing students face. I know the problems that I face, but I would like feedback from other nursing students. So feel free to express what you think are the top challenges of being a nursing student! Thanks!
  11. dotdotcurve33

    Mayo clinic summer externship 2014

    For those who were accepted, can y'all state your gpa and extracurriculars? I'm trying to get an idea of what they are looking for. Also, what do you think was the most important factor in your application process? Thanks (From a summer III 2015 hopeful )
  12. dotdotcurve33

    Nurse Tech summer programs

    thank you so much!
  13. dotdotcurve33

    Nurse Tech summer programs

    Does anyone know of any Nurse Tech summer programs or any student nurse summer programs in Louisiana preferably in the New Orleans area, if so, please provide links below!