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  1. msannaa7711

    CV/Resume Service

    Can anyone recommend a service that can get my CV prepared to apply at the job of my dreams?
  2. msannaa7711

    MSN Educator Capstone Topics

    Trying to get some input and ideas for my capstone project. Instructions are very broad but should have to do with education. I was thinking of doing a project and creating lesson/assignment/grading rubric that deals with communication... educating p...
  3. msannaa7711

    Resume Help Needed

    I have two classes and I will graduate with my MSN in nurse education. My university only has graduate nursing graduation once per year in May, so I will not actually graduate until May 2020. I actually want to apply to an open educator position at m...
  4. msannaa7711

    Two week notice

    Actually HR and my manager were both truly understanding.
  5. msannaa7711

    Two week notice

    I am currently working out my two week notice and now my grandmother has been placed on life support. She's my last living relative. I don't want to be placed on do not rehire, but I desperately need to be with her. Looking to fly out of state tomorr...
  6. msannaa7711

    Shift covered, not covered

    So, I made arrangements with a coworker to work my shift. It was arranged, manager aware, and changed in the computer. The morning of, the coworker says he cannot cover my shift for me. My manager says I have to come in or find someone else to cover....
  7. msannaa7711

    On call, but missed call

    Im told 4 months or more before I can get a land line, due to hurricane Harvey. I live in Rockport TX. Most of our services were wiped out.
  8. msannaa7711

    On call, but missed call

    I was on call last night. I have been in the hard hit Harvey area of Texas. I guess cell service was in and out, but I missed a call around midnight at work. I got up at 6:20 and took my kid to school and my phone started going off with 2 vm notifica...
  9. msannaa7711

    What Do Hospitals Check For in Background Checks?

    Did you eventually get a job?
  10. I just received a job offer today. I will be graduating in 6 weeks, so this is all new to me. The hospital said it was contingent on background, UA, and blood tests for titer. I put on my application that I was in trouble for a bad check when I was 1...
  11. msannaa7711

    Exit HESI RN Exam

    So, for all of you who wonder about the HESI exit exam, I took mine today. I did not purchase fancy study guides, or memberships online. I did do a lot of adaptive quizzing, and I studied the green HESI NCLEX RN book. I did a lot of practice question...
  12. msannaa7711

    Fall 2015 TAMUCC

    I start this fall in the generic nursing program at TAMUCC. Did you get in? If so, do you know when we know about what all we are going to need? What color shoes do they require for clinicals? I am very excited to start. Thanks. Anna