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  1. Razorbacks023

    Bethel College BSN

    Anyone attended/attending Bethel College's BSN program in N. Newton, KS? I just got accepted into the Fall 2014 class and wanted to see if anyone else had, or if any current/previous students had any insight on it? Thanks!
  2. Razorbacks023

    ADN - military

    It depends on how flexible your job is willing to be. In the Air Force, Aerospace Medical Technician is a medic or close to an LVN. I worked in a large hospital on a med/surg ward and had 2 co-workers obtaining their BSNs while working as medics full-time. But they were also attending a school that catered to military & had a flexible schedule, coupled with essentially leaving ALL of their leave days to attend classes. Job description: 4N0X1 - AEROSPACE MEDICAL SERVICE
  3. Razorbacks023

    Current pay for Wichita and Kansas City area

    One of my friends graduated from WSU's last class & started at one of the Via Christi hospitals at something around $19.25/hour as a new grad ER nurse.
  4. Razorbacks023

    Kansas Wesleyan Class of Fall 2014

    I just found out today I was accepted into the Fall 2014 class at Kansas Wesleyan in Salina! Anyone else starting in that class?
  5. Paolo_pml, you just go to the CA Board of Nursing website & submit an application. There's an option on there (I think method 3 or 4), and they review whether or not you're qualified to take the NCLEX. You get the approval, take the NCLEX, and if you pass you're an LVN! I was a medic in the Air Force and did this last year, and had no problem getting a job as an LVN at a hospital.
  6. Razorbacks023

    For those that got into a CSU BSN nursing program!

    RunBabyRun, which school are you attending? I'm a veteran applying to nursing schools right now as well.
  7. Razorbacks023

    MidAmerica Nazarene University ABSN Spring 2013 students

    I was looking into applying to the BSN program here as well. For those who were accepted, would you mind sharing your stats - GPA, TEAS, previous healthcare experience? Thanks!