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  1. rbc2093

    Personality holding me back?

    Don't be discouraged! I'm a bit quiet too but working in the hospital has definitely helped me with my interaction with people. I started nursing school with no hospital experience and on the first clinical I was a fly on the wall watching my partner do all the talking ha. But in the interview I was a bit shy too but quickly got comfortable, smiled and tried to present myself well, by looking like I want the job.
  2. rbc2093

    Nursing in Indianapolis

    I've done a nursing internship for hospital while I was in nursing school and as a nurse assistant as well. It was an adult med/surg and pediatric floor. I've also emphasized that I'm working on my Bachelors.
  3. rbc2093

    Nursing in Indianapolis

    Hello Indy Nurses, I'm currently job searching for an RN job in Indianapolis. I know IU health and St.Vincent have recently laid off a lot of people. Do you guys think there would still be a chance for me landing a job there. Also I am a new nurse but I do have some hospital experience. Or are they on a hiring freeze of some sort? HELP