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  1. jennispen

    Charting in the home

    Is it a jhaco (sp?) Standard to get as much charting in the home done?
  2. I work for a visiting Home Health agency. Recently a big updo occurred because a patient was sent home on an IV antibiotic they never received in the hospital, but they also had a prescription for an EpiPen. Nursing was to administer the antibiotic and if there was a reaction we were to give the EpiPen and call nine-one-one. Nurses refused to take this case because they felt the patient should have had that antibiotic first in the hospital. DON and other management said we should take it anyways. Would you give the antibiotic or would you refuse it? Is this common practice?
  3. I've been a private duty nurse for a year and took a year off of nursing previously. I have 3 years of acute care expierence. I am trying to get a second job in a facility or in hospice. I have not had very much success. I need the money because in the state of Florida private duty nursing by itself does not bring in enough cash. Does anyone have any suggestions? Also, do recruiters take private duty seriously?
  4. jennispen

    Should I leave this racist town?

    Document reporting as well.
  5. jennispen

    Should I leave this racist town?

    Look for another job now. Start documenting these incidents with date, time, and qoutes. Also report it.