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    Working with bipolar

    Hey guys, I have recently been diagnosed as bipolar. I have had many difficulties with holding down a job over the last 3 years as I wasn't on mood stabilisers and my mood would greatly effect my work. I recently had 3 very serious suicide attempts (a couple of months ago) and the psychiatrist from hospital said I should be okay to return to work by mid to late Jan. I am worried as I do not feel like I can go to work. I feel the stress of returning to work will be too much. Does anyone else struggle to work as a nurse with their illness. Any tips or advice. I feel like my family is pressuring me to return to work and I am not ready but I don't know what to do. Also I work on agency and some of the hospitals I work at I was a patient at and I work in emergency so I am afraid they will remember me, so that is stressing me out. At one hospital my dad brought me because I wasn't doing well and I was straight away recognised by 2 nurses as the girl that took the huge overdose and shouldn't have survived. I would just like to hear of other people working as nurses with mental illness. I must admit that the hospital frustrated me as they stated "don't you realise that this suicide attempt could ruin your career" as a nurse in emergency I have seen patients unwell and would never say anything like that to them. I honestly wasn't thinking of my job when I was suicidal and it just showed to me how little they actually understand on mental illness. It is horrible being on the other side of nurses. Thanks, Sezzie0000