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I am a mother, wife & nursing student.

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  1. ginasp88

    CSN Fall 2015

    Fall 2015!!! 1 week from tomorrow classes officially start! Good luck to everyone 😊😊😊😊😊😊😊
  2. ginasp88

    CSN Fall 2015

    I got in with 37 points for the part time track
  3. ginasp88

    Csn nursing Carp test

    So orientation is Monday.. I know to expect the math test .. But what does the carp/ ati test consist of? Can anyone give any insight?
  4. ginasp88

    nursing in Las Vegas as a single Parent

    Hello! I've lived in vegas all my life and Id say it really depends on the neighborhood you decide to move to. Stay away from north, east and west Las Vegas as there is a lot of gang activity in these parts. The further you get from the middle of the city the safer.. In my opinion. Southern highlands, summerlin, centennial and henderson are pretty nice areas. You might want to do research on the school your son is zoned for.. If he surrounds himself with good influences he will be just fine! Hope this helps.. Good luck.
  5. ginasp88

    CSN Fall 2015

    It says prenursing-ags.. I sent them an email hopefully they change it.. You would think they would have this all sorted out already.
  6. ginasp88

    CSN Fall 2015

    I'm having issues registering for nurs 101 -_-
  7. ginasp88

    CSN Spring 2016

    I was one of those girls! I passed my teas on my 3rd try.. what got me the 1st and 2nd time was the reading portion, I ran out of time each test . When taking the practice exams make sure that you understand why you got a question wrong or right.. Time yourself when taking the practice exams.. Don't spend too much time on 1 question. I would read CNN articles (news articles or books) to practice on my reading pace and just make sure I was understood what I Just read ( I'm one of those people that space out and end up reading same paragraph like 5 times) Really study the ATI book and make sure you understand all of the content.. I also bought the McGraw Hill, I felt that one helped me a lot with the English, math & reading portions. If you don't pass it at least you will understand where your weaknesses were and really study those. Don't stress out too much.. I actually passed the exam 2 weeks post partum.. I didn't think I would pass it because I had a very tiring pregnancy and just skimmed through the book. The day of the test I felt no pressure and treated the test as a practice run since I had already paid I figured I should take it. .. Not trying to encourage you to not study lol but what I'm saying is don't stress out too much because you will psych yourself out. Goodluck!
  8. ginasp88

    CSN Fall 2015

    I chose option #19. I tried signing up for the classes on mycsn but it didn't let me... Did anyone have a similar problem?
  9. ginasp88

    CSN Fall 2015

    ok I'll try that. Thank you.
  10. ginasp88

    CSN Fall 2015

    Ok guys.. I paid for my drug screening via mycsn and I can't find where to print a receipt with my name on it. Does anyone know where to find this? Or am I going to have to go to the cashier?
  11. ginasp88

    CSN Fall 2015

    I'm so anxious for orientation next Monday. Does anyone know what will be covered? Will we be getting our schedules this orientation?