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  1. Lauragfa2000

    Permanently Kicked out of Practicum

    Thank you. In a few, very concise, words you put to rest what others have tried to. Fortunately the OP was seemingly very honest with her recall of the situation. Having graduated less than 10 years ago I can still hear those words of warning prior to beginning clinical rotation. I have witnessed classmates being denied entry to said clinical site due to background check red flags as well as two students being asked to leave after errors made on the floor. At that point it was party over. In the above noted situations there were no second chances offered.
  2. Lauragfa2000

    Help with endorsement in Indiana

    Sadly the article omitted that part...I was planning on moving there at the end of the summer. Nothing definite, just kicking it around
  3. Lauragfa2000

    Help with endorsement in Indiana

    I recently read where Indiana and Kentucky would be part of the compact nursing states as of 7/1/19 if that helps.