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  1. jlc623

    NCLEX Results

    Thank you so much for letting me know! I know that I'm going to be a nervous wreck waiting for it to show up so I probably would've caved and bought the quick results. Thanks again for your response and the well wishes! Congrats!
  2. jlc623

    DC Weekend Transportation

    Where in DC will you be working?!
  3. jlc623

    NCLEX Results

    Hello, I'm taking my DC NCLEX on Monday and was wondering how long it took for everyone to see their results via the DC HPLA page. I know the pearson vue trick is supposedly 100% reliable but am still curious how long it took for results to show up on the DOH website! Any feedback would be appreciated! Thanks!:)
  4. jlc623

    GWU Hospital Internship

    I applied the end of march as well. They contacted me last Friday for an interview.
  5. jlc623

    GWU Hospital Internship

    Hello everyone, I just got a call from a nurse recruiter at George Washington University Hospital for an interview for their nurse internship in internal medicine. I'm wondering if anyone out there has had a similar experience or has gone through this internship at GWU and has any info or advice! Anything would be appreciated. Thanks!
  6. jlc623

    New Grad- NJ/NYC area, Where are the jobs

    Have you looked into the Valley Hospital in Ridgewood? I applied to their new grad residency in January and have an interview in a couple of weeks! Good Luck!
  7. jlc623

    Anne Arundel Nurse Internship

    Hello, I'm graduating from a BSN program in PA this May - I'm very interested in the nurse internship at Anne Arundel Medical Center and I was wondering if anyone could offer any advice. I've already set up a job agent to let me know when the position goes up, but I would love to hear from any other recent grads who have gotten and gone through this position. ANY advice/info would be appreciated (what was the process, how competitive was it, what are they looking for?) Thank you!!!
  8. Anyone on the waiting list hear back yet? I know they said by the 10th but I'm wondering if we'll hear anything either way or only if it's a yes?!
  9. Exactly - better than a no! Hoping we find out sooner rather than later...
  10. Anyone else told that they were put on the waiting list? Staying hopeful!

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