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  1. newnew2013

    Hospitals in the Raleigh Area

    Duke, Rex, Wake. And if you don't mind a lil commute hospitals in Fayetteville, Rocky Mount, Greenville and even Mariah Parham in Henderson NC are not that far.... a lil under an hour depending on where you plan to live in Raleigh.... Each of these hospitals are taking applications now.... Wake is on and off but they have posted 2 so far this year and they were filled immediately. Good luck
  2. Hi hope this helps... RN I/Bedside (New Grads only) That is what I see as I am searching for new grad positions.... http://careers.carolinashealthcare.org/job/Charlotte-RN-IBedside-%28New-Grads-only%29-NC-28201/40941200/?feedId=18100&utm_source=Indeed&utm_campaign=Carolinas_Indeed I also see some at Piedmont MEdical in Rock Hill SC and at Caromont in Gastonia Good luck
  3. newnew2013

    Menninger's Psychiatric RN's Residency

    I would like to know if anyone has any information on the Menninger's Psychiatric RN's Residency? It is a 6 month program. I am wondering about pay for the residency and salary there after if offered a position thanks
  4. Hello, I am a new grad nurse with 13 years experience working as a cosmetologist and esthetician. It would be great to merge the two. Does anyone have any idea of a salary range for a new grad in this field. I have been looking at a company called Ideal Image. They do laser hair removal and will also start to do injectables. Any advice about salary to be expected or any info on the company IDEAL IMAGE would be great. Also, what are other companies like this in the area that hire nurses? thanks
  5. Both community colleges and 4 year colleges will have nursing programs that will allow you to take the NCLEX to become a registered nurse once completed. However, many facilities are requiring the 4 year degree to even get your foot in the door. With this degree, once you pass the NCLEX, you will be a RN BSN..... and those 3 letters mean a lot in the job world and allow for more opportunity. I would take the route that will get me to that BSN hope that helps good luck
  6. newnew2013

    New Grad RN Salary in Roanoke Area?

    I was told by the nurse recruiter The start rate with no experience is 19.34/hour. If you have a BSN then you would get an additional .50.Shift diff is $3 nights, 4$ for weekends. This was @ Carilion Roanoke are these other figures base rate
  7. newnew2013

    Job Outlook RNBSN

    Thank you--- It seems that new grads are having some difficulty everywhere. I have been applying here for about a year. I have applications at different hospitals here that have been forwarded to hiring managers and marked under recruitment review for months. Just trying to get a foot in the door.... Anywhere....
  8. newnew2013

    Job Outlook RNBSN

    I will be living in the Brooklyn area so I have applied to Every hospital that I see that "appears" to be under an hour drive. I will be visiting soon so I can get a better estimate on how long the actual drive to the different hospitals will take. West Chester, Montefiore, Mount Sinai, White Plains, NYP, South Nassau, Lutheran, LIJ and the list continues to grow..... I did see a Psych position in Amityville lol but that sounded spooky... any hoo I am looking every where
  9. newnew2013

    Job Outlook RNBSN

    Thanks for the replies. I have been Applying to hospitals in NC for a year. Mostly close to my home. I decided that If I would have to move from my home it should be worth it. I am applying in VA, GA, NY, and NJ. Finding a job in the latter 2 states would be great because I have family I could live with to offset the higher C of L. I am definitely exploring all options .. are there any hospitals in NY that help with loan repayment??? or is that wishful thinking?
  10. newnew2013

    Bayada Nurse Residency

    I am in the process of getting my license in NY..(1 More week or so) .. the program doesnt start till March but the woman said they were gonna have final decisions this week... bummer.. however, she told me to call back once I got my license.... how goes your job search with other hospitals ...
  11. newnew2013

    Bayada Nurse Residency

    Hi I was wondering if you got a call back / and if you decided to take the position. I am in NC with NY license pending. A women from Bayada contacted me when I applied and told me about the program
  12. newnew2013

    Job Outlook RNBSN

    Hi I am wondering how the current job market is looking in NYC for new grads. Any info including starting salaries would be great. I graduated in May 2013 and am Licensed in NC. My NY license should be ready in 2 weeks or so.... fingers crossed. I am open to move and am exploring the options. Thanks in advance....
  13. newnew2013

    Name the Hospital and Starting Salary

    half of my graduating class works at Duke.... more like $20 or $21 base
  14. newnew2013

    NC Central University/Triangle aBSN

    I graduated C/O 2013. Good program. They have information on the website and you can always call and talk to a counselor. Have you met the prerequisites for the program? Bridge courses for absn students start in aug. The entry process into the program is 2 fold. Meaning that you have to first pass the bridge courses and then be accepted into the upper division nursing courses. There were 40 students in my bridge class and only 20 were accepted. To this end, I advise people to apply at NCCU, but also have a plan b and even c.... Best Wishes