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  1. SILVACH24

    I feel horrible!!!

    What state are you in? I took mine yesterday too and i have ny passing results on BON. Look at your board of nursing web page to see if you have a license number.. good luck :)
  2. SILVACH24

    For those of you who used uWorld and Passed!

    Hurst has great review content. ... you can pay 300 for online review if you want. NCLEX is different for everyone. But for me and what i experienced was a lot of same STYLE questions.... not content. Content is either you know it or you dont. I personally used hurst online review 80% of my study and uworld i used the last 4 days of my study... i honestly wish i used uworld more so i could gain speed on answering my questions... but hurst was def not a waist of money in my eyes. I also worked from nclex mastery app... i really like all of them. And i used kaplan testing strategy and delegation book (only for clarification) I studied a total of 3 weeks. Pass nclex first time. I took it yesterday and had my results literally 24 hours later.....
  3. SILVACH24

    Starting school at older age! :(

    Hey its better late than never. Take advantage that you are wiser. I know that if I was actually in the nursing program when I was 20, I don't think I would have made the right choices that I do now that I am 28 and graduating soon. This is my first career and it has taken me 6 years. I was an advising specialist for chase for 7 years...I wouldn't call it a career because it wasn't my choice. This will be my first degree? Congratulations on starting a new path choice that is very rewarding for those with great passion.
  4. SILVACH24

    Starting school at older age! :(

    I started nursing school when I was 23. Found out I was pregnant my first semester. I kept going. I worked full time and school part time until that baby dropped. Then I switched, went to school full time and worked part time. It took me 6 dang years but I'm 28 now and I'll be 29 when I graduate this fall semester. I have a 3.8 GPA and I bust my but to get the grades I have. I go to a community college and will have my ASN. I plan to attend my local university for the RN-BSN starting next year and I can either finish in 1 year or go part time for 1 and a half years. Seeing that I been a snail this whole time, I will likely take the long route. Then after 2 more years working as an RN... I plan to go back for MS-FNP so I take it I'll be 38 when I reach my goal. I love it... I am embracing every moment. I love learning and I could never get tired of it. Too old is only old when you say it's old... 28 is a great age girl. As you grow, you become wiser. I don't know about anyone else but I'm 28 years young and I'm looking forward to growing up :)
  5. SILVACH24


    Thank you for sharing. Reading this made me smile :) is nice to see the good around.
  6. SILVACH24

    PCT : how long did it take?

    I became a PCT after my first semester of nursing school in my state it meets the requirements as a PCT if the first semester is completed by a nursing student. As far as on a regular work day I usually start my morning off with report from the other tech, then I start my vitals and I usually have a patient load of anywhere from 8 to 12 patients usually 8 - 10. Once my vitals are finished I goto the computer and I chart for each individual patient and also have to chart about what they're doing, their position, and safety - if the beds in low position and if the call light was in reach. In my hospital we have to round on our patients every two hours and we have to do Vital Signs every 4 hours so in between my rounds I have to do patient baths and assist the patient to the bathroom or change diapers and empty Foley's. And not to mention get anything that the patient or the family asked such as crackers or water. I usually charge after every round so I don't get behind because it is easy to get behind. Also in between my rounds when breakfast lunch and dinner comes if I have a total patient and they can't eat then I have to feed them as well
  7. SILVACH24

    Med Surg- info

    At my hospital techs don't need scopes. But best advice is getting a good pair of shoes, manage your time the best you can. Don't be afraid to ask for help when lifting or adjusting a patient. Drink water because you will easily forget...that follows with use the bathroom! Lol. It's easy to forget. Trust me I know. And always take a bite to eat..even if it's just a graham cracker. If you have to chart, then do it after every round..don't wait until 3pm to chart all your morning rounds. Always smile and ask others if they need help with anything even if your busy. Because people will remember. And before you go home be sure to thank everyone for their help today. Never talk bad about the patients to anyone even if they are bad mouthing the patients. Don't bad mouth your Co workers. Just know depending on your patient load, the first few days alone are tough. But it will get better once you figure out your routine. Family members are sometimes the hardest patients... but you still need to make them happy so when leaving the room, ask at least one time if "there is anything you can get for them" followed by "well if you need anything at all please don't hesitate to ask" ohhh and before leaving every patients room please make sure they have water, call light, and ask if you can help them to the bathroom. It sounds like a lot but i can't tell you how many times I have left a patients room and then 10 minutes later they are calling for bathroom assistance. Love what you do and you will exceed .
  8. SILVACH24

    Hillsborough Community College Nursing Fall 2016

    Hi there I am an NP4 student... Here to answer any questions.... I paid 648 dollars. They give you a voucher to use. Please bring your student ID with you to the bookstore when you do purchase your book package. You'll have an option of purchasing the book package with the ebooks or you can purchase it without the ebooks. I purchased it with the e-books because it was only $100 more and I have access to all of my books online I don't have to carry my books around everywhere I can use it while I'm standing in the grocery store as well or in the doctor's office it came in handy. But the choice is yours of course. You will use mostly your fundamentals book and first semester and then towards the end of first semester you will use the med surge book. you won't have to buy any more books until you're in your Pediatric and obstetrics rotation - CS
  9. That is exactly what I have been researching! I even looked online for current posted jobs for surgical nurse practitioner and I was looking at qualifications... I am so excited for my future. I love nursing and the many endless options! I am afraid of the night shift and what it will do to me. At my hospital the ER internship program is for night shift only. I have 3 kids and I'm married. For 6 years my husband has worked nights and. Now we will be switching. I just honestly don't know how I will ever get sleep with my 4 year old. He will be 5 when I graduate. Usually in the day shift I only need 6 hours of sleep. What will be difference for night shift? Any one have any tips?
  10. I'm graduating December. I work at a level 2 trauma center at a major hospital in the middle of the city. I am positive I will have a job as a nurse there. But I'm conflicted with what kind of nurse I want to be! I love ER... The action,team work, fast pace, the energy....I also love surgery! I have a diploma in surgical technology and I am torn between working in ER... And working as either a surgical nurse practitioner or just being a certified first assist register nurse. And even where to begin... I want my Masters degree but not sure if I need it to work assisting surgery... I don't even know if I can stand that long anymore.. I haven't touched an OR in 10 years. I am so confused... I don't care what pays more... I just want to be happy and love what I do with no regrets! Can someone please explain and maybe give me pros and cons of both so I can steer myself.. I'm afraid of choosing something wrong. I have never been so confused... Ever. I usually know exactly what I want and I go get it... Nursing is such a broad field that I just can't simply choose! Heeeeellllpppp.
  11. SILVACH24

    Hillsborough Community College-Fall 2014

    I have a serious question... Anyone who took Mrs Powell class, I need advice on how to study for her test, should I focus more on her power points and follow with the book. I need any advice for this second semester... And was ur second semester like the first, just a lot of medicine administration or did u get more hands on
  12. SILVACH24

    Hillsborough Community College Fall 2015

    Good luck, check your mail. From what I see, your classmates have assignments today
  13. SILVACH24

    Hillsborough Community College-Fall 2014

    Congrats, I would say if u want to save money then 1 pair of pants but buy multiple tops especially if your a coffee drinker and they are white. As for your scope just remember u get what you pay for, think of it as "I will be using this for my career, not just for school" I have Mrs Coleman in the 1-4 class, she is awesome. She is very knowledgeable and I learned so much. Enjoy your summer and if your in a relationship just make sure your partner understands that this isn't easy. there will be times where you will be frustrated but just consider your partners feelings also. Make like one day a week where u are all about family. Don't become a robot because u will burn yourself out. The book package I got was online and hard copies. E-book was good for on the go, at the doctors office,waiting in line at the store. Just to get a few moments of reading. And plus u have the option to pull up all your highlights to review at the same time. It may be lame to some, but invest in a rolling bookbag for class days. I would never want my back to carry my books more my laptop on top of it. Another tip, go online and buy a used drug guide. I got mine used on Amazon for 3 dollars and it is I'm great condition. It's one edition older. But the only down side is new meds won't be listed. But honestly I have only had to look on the internet for one med this semester. Don't be nervous and enjoy your first semester.
  14. SILVACH24

    Hillsborough Community College-Fall 2014

    Can anyone from Mrs Powell class tell me how she goes about assigning clinicals. I live 5 minutes from one of the hospitals and I really would like to be assigned to that particular hospital.
  15. SILVACH24

    Hillsborough Community College Fall 2015

    Wine color pants (Walmart 15$) white top (amazon 11$) wine scrub jacket (uniform city 17$) nursing scrub shoes (amazon 44$) I got 2 tops and 3 bottoms for my uniform. My scope (Amazon 130$)