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    PreNursing Exam 2017

    I am attending Medgar Evers CUNY college in 2016. I was told the entrance exam for Nursing isn't until 2017. They have me scheduled for Associates in Science. There are a lot of classes that I probably won't need. Also, I would be nearly done with the associates by the time I can take the exam. Does it not sound absurd to have to take a 2yr chose to begin a 10 month LPN program? I'm wondering how to stretch the classes, or the most strategic way to schedule my classes so that while I'm taking Science classes I'm taking classes I need for my Nursing career. Since I need Financial Aid, I must have at least 5 classes in my schedule for each semester to be eligible. Eventually, I will have to take unnecessary classes until the exam time comes, but would like to get the Pre-Reqs out of the way first. .. Has anyone else had this issue? I thought it was a bit unfair that they don't tell you when the tests are going to be so that you can sign up in time to be prepared. .. Thanks in advance for your time reading and responding.