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ICUman has 5 years experience and specializes in Cardiac Cath Lab.

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  1. ICUman

    Nursing Is No Longer Worth It

    Yes. Just like PT and OT services do. Nursing ought to have this option as well. What type of nursing do you do now that you've left vascular access?
  2. ICUman

    New to Cardiac Cath Lab

    This textbook saved me when I transferred to Cath Lab. I am so glad I had it. My preceptor, a seasoned Cath Lab nurse, still refers to it for answers. "Topics cover all aspects of the catheterization laboratory including cardiovascular anatomy, radiography, angiography, technical duties of the staff, right and left heart catheterization, PCI, invasive ultrasound, valvuloplasty, hemostasis, pediatric interventions, pharmacology, emergency procedures, and many others." https://www.amazon.com/Invasive-Cardiology-Manual-Personnel-Learning/dp/076376468X/ref=sr_1_1?crid=395OFWDIUZ156&dchild=1&keywords=invasive+cardiology+a+manual+for+cath+lab+personnel&qid=1592763893&sprefix=invasive+cardi%2Caps%2C206&sr=8-1
  3. ICUman

    Low Stress Specialties

    Stress Lab. Despite its name. It is easy and routine. Most the time
  4. ICUman

    allnurses has Become so Politicized

    Joined in 2013. Site and topics were much more enjoyable back then. Fun contributors and interesting topics galore. Those posters have been driven off now. I avoid most threads here due to many already stated reasons. Wish the old AN would come back. Not likely.
  5. ICUman

    CVICU to something new

    I’ve done CVICU for 5 years and transitioned to Cath Lab last year. It has been a total dream. It’s a good transition because there is still so much cardiac focus. No families, patient is usually under conscious sedation (administered by RN), STEMIs are really exciting yet also stressful, we mix radial cocktails for heart caths, pacemaker insertions, etc. It really is a cool and challenging environment to be in. Just like CVICU can be. Be aware that on-call is required. I regularly go in at 2 am for a STEMI or to emergently pace a patient (well, we did before this pandemic anyway). But the pay is time and a half when you’re called in. You still have to use your ICU skills in Cath Lab and it is critical care. I know you mentioned something about that. I also work Interventional Radiology and Stress Lab. Those are both high satisfaction areas with lower stress and challenges than CL, in my opinion. You could try for those perhaps. I still work CVICU once a week to maintain my skills and in case I want to go to anesthesia school in the future. Good luck!
  6. ICUman

    NURSE SALARIES... RN, NP, CRNA, etc...

    He is only 28 y/o and informed me last week, he is already planning his big retirement party at the age of 30. This kid found the secret of wealth. His monthly take home salary is more than $60,000, How was he able to accomplish that?
  7. ICUman

    Current Pay in Colorado area?

    OK . That is really not as bad as I thought. I have 5 years experience so I am guessing I'd be around 35/hr., I am more interested in COS than I am in DEN. Thanks so much for the info! That is good to realize.
  8. ICUman

    BSN Criterion for CNRA Programs?

    Just make sure your BSN program awards letter grades (and of course is accredited). There are BSN programs out there that award Pass/Fail degrees, equivalent to a 3.0 GPA. That would pull down your GPA for admission to anesthesia school and make you less competitive.
  9. ICUman

    Trauma level 1 or level 3 for future CRNA?

    Could you take fresh hearts at the other hospital? That would be good experience for anesthesia school. And then you could just stay per diem at your level 1 facility. You could get the experience at both facilities and make more at your new job.
  10. ICUman

    Relocating from Michigan advice please!

    Dignity Health will pay the best and offer generous relocation packages. They have two campus's. One in Henderson (Siena), one in Las Vegas near Summerlin (San Martin). Schools are the best in Summerlin area... there are a lot of hospitals near Summerlin. Summerlin Hospital, Southern Hills Hospital, Spring Valley Hospital, San Martin, etc. With 7 years exp. you can expect around $50/hr with Dignity Health. About $43 ish at any other hospital
  11. ICUman

    Current Pay in Colorado area?

    Just wondering if you could give me a figure maybe on what she quoted you? Am considering Colorado too.
  12. ICUman

    FREE Hilton hotel rooms for ANA members thru 5/31/20

    Interesting. I got free hotel rooms from AACN instead.
  13. ICUman

    Sacramento RN's

    Hi, are there any Sacramento area based RN's here? I am interested in talking to anyone that works in any of the hospitals in this region. Considering relocation. Wanted to possibly PM whoever is available.
  14. ICUman

    Nasal cannulas behind the head

    Yes, as Dexters pointed out, we do this everyday in Cath Lab and IR. It's quite common in the procedural areas.
  15. ICUman

    Websites that offer housing for travel nurses? Bay Area?

    Yeah every time someone types that W word on this website in involuntarily capitalizes the whole word for some reason. Yeah it’s a great deal. The catch is the maximum stay is 7 days. So you re-home each week. Although my contract is now disintegrating as I signed a 4 week contract and ended up contracting the virus even with proper PPE. First assignment went out with a bang.
  16. ICUman

    Websites that offer housing for travel nurses? Bay Area?

    AACN is partnered with Hilton Hotels until the end of May for Covid contract workers. That’s what I’m using. I tried a Craigslist post prior to this and got very few bites on my ad. Seemed nobody wanted an ICU nurse caring for infected patients in their place.

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