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  1. ICUman

    Hospitals paying for your stay?

    I got 5K relocation assistance as a new grad back in 2016. That was in the state of Utah.
  2. ICUman

    First Reaction to Changes

    I don't mind a thumbs down button, I think it's fine. Interesting to note that everybody's "likes" disappeared though. The ones from past posting history. Starting fresh now.
  3. ICUman

    Oversupply of Nurse Practitioners

    I had no idea that NP's were creating a threat to MD jobs, or actually effecting their pay. Competition, sure, in a way. Maybe that is naive of me. I wonder how common situations like these are, though. That's the first time I've ever heard of that. Perhaps it's only for inpatient areas. Also curious if there is a correlation between more CRNA's on the rise/practicing, effecting MDA's compensation as well. Aren't most NP program tuition rates somewhere in the range of $30-60/K total? Anything more than that is crazy. Are the for-profit programs more than 6 figures?
  4. ICUman

    Unsafe staffing with 4:1 ICU ratios 8:1 on floor.

    Wow. A strong testament that upper management clearly values the almighty dollar over the safety of their patients. There's no other reason they'd mandate it.
  5. Have you made good income being a traveler? I have honestly thought about buying a Toyota Tacoma, long bed, and sleeping in there during assignments. Showering at a local gym or at the hospital and such. It would be a big way to save extra $$. Buying some portable equipment for cooking and such. Maybe a mini fridge. Is that crazy?
  6. ICUman


    Supposedly MDA's are being phased out more and more of the hospital setting I have heard? (Due to cost effectiveness). If so, that's great news for the CRNA field. My previous hospital I worked at did not renew the MDA contract and brought in CRNA's instead.
  7. ICUman

    How much did you/would you pay for BSN?

    No, they do not have better critical thinking skills. That is an individual trait. Not something a degree confers. How silly. And yes, you didn't do any research, you pulled that comment out of thin air.
  8. ICUman

    one week two RN jobs two states

    Perfection why do you work in both states? I work in Las Vegas and know the local pay rates. They're pretty good. I keep wondering about getting another job in Cali too. How's it going?
  9. ICUman

    Got the dream job, not quite sure if I'm walking into failure

    It's Mayo. They take care of their employees and the healthcare is world renowned. Probably the best job offer of bedside nursing someone could ever get. Just decide if it's worth it to you to move up to MN. Obviously you considered it if you applied and interviewed.
  10. ICUman

    Oversupply of Nurse Practitioners

    What do you mean by they are "ramping up"? Meaning they are churning out a ton of new graduates as well?
  11. ICUman

    Oversupply of Nurse Practitioners

    Does anyone think the job prospects for ACNP's working inpatient are as concerning as the outpatient FNP jobs are? I haven't really read or heard of ACNP's having trouble finding jobs or battling low pay. I see a few here or there but usually they seem satisfied. Such as ER NP's... they seem to have it good.
  12. ICUman

    As seen on TV

    I particularly enjoy Law and Order SVU, and every time someone ends up hospitalized, I have paid special attention to the monitoring they have. The display on the monitor will show about 10 different waveforms or more, including arterial lines, CVP, ICP, PA, and BIS, in addition to all the regular baseline RR, SpO2, HR, BP, etc. monitoring. It makes me chuckle because all they all those monitors on a walkie talkie patient on room air with no sign of IV access anywhere, no IV pumps, no anything. I just like the show, even if they're way off base for hospital scenes.
  13. ICUman

    When family fails the patient... it breaks my heart

    I've had similar situations as well. Sometimes, come to find out, there is a monetary incentive behind the family's motivation, and that's why they push to keep their loved one alive for so long. That, or they are incredibly naive and ignorant.
  14. ICUman

    Ask a CRNA anything...

    The above statement suggests a change in requirements. Haven't seen or heard of any schools that have actually increased the required years of ICU experience. Sure, you're more competitive with more experience. But it isn't required. Only a very small handful of schools require > 1 year of ICU, and that isn't a recent change. They've had that standard a long while.
  15. ICUman

    Ask a CRNA anything...

    Okay, that still doesn't validate the original claim that many require two years now and are making clinical requirements longer. That's conjecture. You originally stated that that a lot require two years and have upped clinical requirements. But that doesn't seem to be the case. I've looked at many schools admission requirements. They almost universally require the 1 year minimum. The examples provided above are preferences only. My whole point is, you made it sound as though admission requirements were changing and evolving in a manner that made requirements steeper. But that isn't accurate. There may be increased competition to be admitted as nurse anesthesia gains more attention and popularity, but that doesn't mean the admission requirements have changed.