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  1. ICUman

    Oversupply of Nurse Practitioners

    What “headaches” are you saying that the CRNA profession is having?
  2. ICUman

    Valley vs Sunrise

    Oh okay. For registered nurses the difference is less than that.
  3. ICUman

    Possible to find OR positions without experience?

    California is cream of the crop for nursing. They are the only state with ratios mandated by law, that hospitals abide by. And the majority of hospitals are unionized. Especially northern CA, represent by the CNA which is a very strong union. Therefore, hospitals can afford to be selective in their candidates, such as requiring a year of existing experience in XYZ specialty. Your best bet would be to get OR experience where you currently are, and then move. Or apply for rural communities in CA. Likely those in the Central Valley excluding Sacramento region. Might have better luck there
  4. Are you sure on the Minneapolis area? I'm in Las Vegas. We have no state income tax here, we have union representation by CNA (California nurses association), new grads start at $39/hr at these select hospitals, and COL here is reasonably low. I feel like nurses make good $ here compared to COL. Most nurses with >20 years experience are making $55/hr or more.
  5. Would you mind providing any additional details on how this is achieved? I'm considering relocation to Sacramento for this very reason. I already work for one of the hospital systems there, although it's in a neighboring state.
  6. ICUman

    RN --> CRNA or Law School?

    Is this only in the Bay Area? Or which part of Northern CA are you referring to
  7. I second the idea of posting in the Travel forum and seeing what NedRN has to say.
  8. ICUman

    basic EKG?

    Not sure how long it lasts. But how much does it cost? Do you have to be a student there to take the class?
  9. ICUman

    Cath lab interview advice

    I will. It's pretty overwhelming at this point and very different, but I enjoy it. It's actually a Cath Lab, IR, Stress Test, and PICC insertion position all in one. So a ton to learn. But going OK so far. Long orientation thankfully. Thanks for all your help before when you gave me tips. Cath Lab is my favorite so far.
  10. ICUman

    Cath lab interview advice

    I just switched to Cath Lab and I love it! I hope you got the job OP.
  11. ICUman


    Does this effect travel nurses on assignments to California?
  12. ICUman

    Reputable Per Diem Agencies

    Do you mind me asking the approx. hourly rate? For PD
  13. Good for you labordude. Back in 2016 I applied for a labor and delivery position as a male nurse and a recruiter informed me I am not qualified as a male. And that it would make their patients “uncomfortable”. I was a new graduate and was annoyed at the time, but let it go. The position also stated they’d hire new grads. This was for a large hospital system based in conservative Utah.
  14. ICUman

    Lowest bicarb on abg

    Ph 6.7, Bicarbonate read < 3
  15. ICUman

    What are most lucrative specialties for an NP?

    It seems that dermatology is consistently high paying and relatively hard to break into.
  16. ICUman

    I've Been Employed at 7 Facilities as a New Grad RN

    Do you remember that one poster here who was absolutely desperate to get into CVICU? Her name was purplegal or something? I remember she would post about applying multiple times to the same unit and hospital and never ended up getting it. And then would post a lot of threads on it. Not making fun of that poster, just found it to be peculiar/entertaining and memorable. This was a few years ago I think.