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  1. So I have a new job at an IR department in a brand new hospital. There are 3 of us being hired, and we are the first IR nurses. We will set our own call schedules, workflow processes, and that kind of thing. I wanted to ask other IR nurses what kinds of things you think are important when setting up an IR department. So far, I want to make sure we have: 1) A good charge RN rotation for those of us who want to be charge 2) A policy in place for whether/when ICU nurses come and stay with their patients 3) Fair and equal call rotations But I'm sure there are a ton of things I'm missing (I'm coming from the ED so I'm far from an IR expert). Let me know what you think is important, and give me your ideas! Thank you!
  2. veriteblesse

    Obtaining first manager job

    I've been an RN for 5 years in a variety of roles, and am now working with the ultimate goal of transitioning into leadership. I would like to step into a managerial position in the next couple of years, and eventually work at director level or even become CNO. Due to having worked as a float pool member for a few years, I have no charge experience and have only been at my current job for less than a year (I just moved to a new state last year). I am attempting to transform myself into a leader. I'm obtaining my MSN in Leadership and Management, reading books by Stephen Covey and Simon Sinek, and I received my Six Sigma Green Belt. I've also taken on the role of stroke liaison in my department, reviewing charts, educating fellow nurses on proper documentation, and counseling team members when documentation errors occur. I will begin training to be relief charge in 1 or 2 months, and will finish my MSN next summer. In my experience, managers of a unit are typically long-term charge nurses that are promoted. In my unit, the current charge nurses are not going anywhere, and I have no interest in waiting years to be promoted. What are some other things that I can start working on now to make myself a viable managerial candidate? I'd strongly prefer to stay in a hospital setting as acute care is where my heart is, and I am passionate about hospital quality and operations, but have been advised that getting managerial experience in an outpatient or skilled nursing setting may be easier. I'd love to hear any suggestions or advice. I'd also love to hear how you obtained your first leadership role. Thank you!​​
  3. Exactly, so when we do know that someone is having a psych crisis, we prepare for the worst possible scenario. Every patient gets stripped down. No sharp cutlery, no aluminum cans. No clothes. Often, no they do not have that right. Involuntary psych holds are a thing.
  4. veriteblesse

    Pattern scheduling

    I just got a new job that I start in 2 months, and I was told that at this job they do pattern scheduling, 12 hours, 3 weekends a month. It was a long interview and I didn't think to ask more about that. Does anyone do pattern scheduling at their facility? I'm looking for an example of what a typical schedule pattern is like. Thanks!
  5. veriteblesse

    Help! 2 job offers in Colorado

    I have 2 job offers and need help deciding between the two. I have an offer at St. Anthony North Campus in Westminster and another at Northern Colorado Medical Center in Greeley, both in the ED for comparable pay. I'll be living in Longmont. I'm in Florida now and can't do a shadow shift and don't know anyone who works there. Do any of you work there, or know someone who does? Have you done the Longmont to Greeley commute? I need to make a decision very soon and I'm really distressed about it. Any advice is appreciated!
  6. veriteblesse

    EP lab nurses: where are you?

    I'm looking for an outpatient/ambulatory Electrophysiology lab in Colorado. I'm interested in working for one, but have no real experience so I wanted to shadow a nurse in one before I start working towards that goal. If you work in an EP lab, which health system are you with? Do you also work cath lab? Do EP nurses take call? Thanks for any info.
  7. I'm considering a position at a hospital where the observation unit is considered part of the ER and the ER staff is required to staff it. The manager told me that I might be required to work in obs as often as once a week. I'm not super thrilled about the idea, but I thought I'd ask if any of you have dealt with that. Isn't working obs basically like working the floor? Is it boring? How did you like it?
  8. veriteblesse

    Banner, SCL, Centura Emergency rooms

    I'm moving to Colorado and have offers and interviews with the above companies. I have a float position at McKee Medical Center, Banner Health Fort Collins, and Northern Colorado Medical Center in Greeley. I'm also considering options at St. Joe's in Denver (SCL Health) and St. Anthony's North in Westminster (Centura). I'm trying to figure out which is going to be the best option for me. Does anyone have any info? Specifically thoughts on their staffing ratios, turnover, culture, pay rates, anything? Obviously I am talking to recruiters and managers about this stuff but I'd like some honest info from insiders who aren't trying to sell the job. Any help would be great, thank you!
  9. veriteblesse

    Cerner EMR? Tell me allll about it

    I really like it. I have used both First Net and Surginet (specific components of Cerner) and found it easy to chart and understand. Of course, the only other EMR I used was that DOS-based horror Meditech, so after that almost anything looks amazing.
  10. veriteblesse

    What is the average 2017 Colorado salary

    I'm moving to Colorado this summer and a couple of job applications have asked me what my salary is, and I'm wondering if some of the rejections are due to me asking too much. Or maybe my current rate of $45 an hour makes them think I'll ask an unreasonable amount and scares them off? For real though, if I can't get at least $31 an hour I'm not moving to Colorado, I'll travel nurse instead. I'm an ER RN with 4 years experience, a BSN, and my CEN, so hopefully that will work out.
  11. veriteblesse

    Getting a day shift job

    So I'm moving out to Northern Colorado in the summer as an ED RN, 4 years experience, with my BSN, CEN, and TNCC. I'll be looking for a job with UC Health or Banner, most likely. I've worked nights before and I'll hang myself before I do it again. What are the odds of me finding day or mid-shift work in the ED as a new employee?
  12. I thought I wanted to work in another specialty, specifically IR and PACU. But now I have experience in both those areas and I am desperately waiting for my PACU contract to be over so I can go back to the ER. I'm so bored. ER for me, from here out.
  13. I'm moving to Ft. Collins in June. I'm an ED nurse with 3.5 years experience and my BSN, will have my CEN by then too if it matters. 1) How is it working at UC Health Poudre Valley and other area hospitals? Anyplace to avoid, how are staffing ratios, etc.? 2) I hear it's hard to get into Ft. Collins hospitals. I've read that some nurses commute to Cheyenne, Wy. Are there other cities within commutable distance I should be looking at for jobs? I don't mind driving as long as it's under an hour. 3) How's the pay for experienced nurses? Thanks!
  14. I'm leaving Baycare (mobile pool has no ER jobs!) and looking to pick up work at some other ED's, but don't want to to go HCA because I like keeping my license. So, nurses who work at the FH, Bayfront, and TGH: what's the deal? How are staffing ratios, how's the unit culture, do you like it? Any input helps. Thanks!
  15. veriteblesse

    Washington RN license expiration dates

    This may be an extremely stupid question, but here goes: I am a Florida RN applying for my Wa license because I anticipate taking a travel contract there in the coming year. On the website, under the renewals section, the Wa BON states that RN license renewal is due "annually on birthdate". This looks to me like the Wa license is only good for one year, not the standard 2, and that if I apply now I may have to renew on my birthday which is in 6 months. Am I reading this right? How long is your license good for in Wa? Thanks.