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  1. Hello, My girlfriend would like to go back to school for nursing. She went to school for Bachelor of Elementary in Education (BEED). However, she is under the impression that if she goes it will take 5 years. In America (where I am from), usually th...
  2. I'm enrolled in the class this semester I was just wondering if anyone else in this community was there at Clovis Community College. This is one of the only schools I know of that has an online microbiology program so I'm just wondering if anyone els...
  3. Telecommuting jobs

    My friend just last week got a job doing apple at home care. If you know a bit about IT, have a house phone, and internet then I would highly suggest applying there. They give you benefits day 1 and it's completely work from home.
  4. 33 and wanting to leap...

    I'm 29 and I have a nice job in Information Technology. But like you I wanted to be a nurse and I kept on seeing the years pass me by and the last thing I wanted was to look back and have any regrets. I applied to multiple nursing schools and it appe...
  5. Out of curiosity, how many male RNs are former military veterans?

    I'm currently in the AF Reserves and am enrolling in Nursing this fall. You do have a point with many males falling into that category.
  6. A little anxiety applying for Nursing school as an older male

    Mr. Murse that's an amazing story that you have to share. I'm sure all of this will blow right over my first day of school which isn't until Fall of this year assuming I get accepted. I'd love to PM some of you to talk a bit more but I see that this ...
  7. A little anxiety applying for Nursing school as an older male

    Absolutely and I'll message on on what Nursing Informatics is. Lastly, I put in my application to my nursing course and I will be going this fall! I appreciate all the comments and yes, this is definitely what I want to do for my future absolutely.
  8. A little anxiety applying for Nursing school as an older male

    I'm 29 I'll be turning 30 going into my first year of nursing school this fall. I'm applying for the fall semester assuming I get into it. @nurse2033 I'm still in the reserves right now I still have another three years. The plan is to finish up my nu...
  9. First off I want to say I'm so happy there's a section for male nurses on here! It's nice to know there's a community like this. So, went to school for IT in my younger years, didn't finish and wasted away most of my twenties but at 26 I joined the A...