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  1. amae90

    Olivet Nazarene Online FNP Approved in OK?

    Which program are you transferring to if you don't mind me asking?
  2. Has anyone in Oklahoma completed the Olivet Nazarene University online nurse practitioner program? I'm trying to figure out if the program is approved by the Oklahoma Board of Nursing before I go through the application process. I've left several messages with the BON and no one will call me back. If anyone can offer any insight, I would greatly appreciate it.
  3. I am currently an aesthetics RN considering NP school. Would you mind sharing which NP program you (or your colleagues) went with and how you feel about the program? Thanks.
  4. amae90

    Needing some advice concerning new job

    The 2 positions are completely different. The position I am in now is in a 89-bed NICU at a children's hospital. The other position is as an RN circulator at a small multi-specialty surgery center. Also, I would eventually like to get into plastic surgery and/or medical aesthetics and I feel the circulator position falls more in line with my passion and is a better fit for me. I really appreciate all of the comments so far, but I hate the assumption that because I am a new grad it means I don't know what I want or what to expect. However, everyone is entitled to their opinion and maybe I am just being too sensitive.
  5. I am a new grad RN who graduated in Aug. After months of filling out applications, submitting resumes, and going to interviews I finally got a job offer. It wasn't my first choice but I really wasn't in a position to be picky so I accepted it. I'm in my second week of hospital orientation and just received an offer for the position I really wanted in the first place. Is it okay for me to quit my current job after only two weeks in order to accept the position that I really want? I feel like quitting after such a short time will reflect badly on me. Any advice would be greatly appreciated.