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  1. 4give&4getoften

    opinions please?

    Excellent points made by everyone but also ask her does she have any idea what can happen to her legally IF she does end up performing CPR on someone, anyone and something goes wrong and that person and the person, family or whomever finds out that she does not have valid credentials??? Ask her to find cases of law where that has happened(and it has!).
  2. I can't even read the read the story but I can gather what basically happened by reading some of the comments on here. I just hope and pray that for the rest of my nursing career I NEVER, EVER walk in on ANYONE(staff, family, whomever) hitting, spitting on, roughing up ANY person who is disabled, elderly, a child....pretty much any member of society who cannot protect themselves. I may be in a cell beside the perp!
  3. 4give&4getoften

    a new PDN case for me!!

  4. 4give&4getoften

    How to deal with negative nurses.

    Mae2014, can I add on also that someday when you do come across that pt and or a pt's family that seems extremely angry or "difficult"....and you you will know it! Not only from your fellow nurses who had the past shift but when you walk in the room, you could cut the tension with a knife. Please try and ask your pt is everything ok or is there something they need. Believe me, some pts and family staff will never be able to resolve all of the issues or make them happy but if you really try to understand where a pt. is coming from that also goes along way instead of automatically labeling them as "difficult". An example: pt and family(lots of family) in room when pt was admitted on our unit. The hospital I worked for at the time; small community hospital out in the suburbs. Pt and family not familiar with the hospital or community felt like they were getting some attitude about certain things. I walk in to do admission...WOW it felt like a very hostile environment upon my entering. I smiled cautiously and walked directly to the pt introduced my self to the pt and to his family. I knew that the pt and his family felt because of his dx and some other things that their was judgment from the staff(I really don't know if this was the actual case BUT it was this pt/family's PERCEPTION and you know what the saying is about perception?!) I put my pt and his family at ease eventually by talking about some of the things that bothered them. They were pretty forthcoming and I was glad! I never want any pts/families thinking that they will get a substandard of care from me for any reason! Am I rambling on?lol my point is...if a pt has been labeled difficult please try to find out why and help the pt as much as you can and let them know that you will everything within your power to take good care of them and their concerns. At times, being perceptive to your pt's emotional needs will be greater than their physical needs. That is why nursing is so hard and wonderful at the same time! Nursing encompasses everything and it is damn hard at times and it will take every ounce of very being at times to be a good nurse at times and you will hate being a nurse at times and at other times you will feel proud and everything in between BUT if you are like most of us nurses you will know there is NOTHING else in life you would rather be...than a nurse! ok sorry if I rambled...currently in my nursing career I am doing private duty and with this case I never expected the impact it would have on me; as a nurse and a human being. This case has definitely made me a better nurse, a better person.
  5. 4give&4getoften

    How to deal with negative nurses.

    Hi Mae2014, Welcome to nursing:) As one of my fav nursing instructors would say! Anon456 is spot on. When I worked in the hospital is not uncommon to get report from nurses who would say some very judgmental, mean things about the pt. and the pt's family. And you are very wise to ask how to address this without seeming like you are the better nurse by not feeling the same or commiserating with your fellow nurse. So how I personally handled report from a nurse who was obviously burned out and saying very negative things about the pt., family, shift, etc.(because we all feel that way at times...believe me ALL nurses will feel in some way like that at times) is to validate your coworker's feelings 1st. For example: In report Betsy, RN stated that pt.xyz has been a pain all shift and his family is getting on my nerves...I would come back with something like.."yeah it seems that way at times" but then I would also add "well I know it's tough for staff and pt's and family when they are in the hospital". Something to that effect. I don't want to pile on about the pt but I also don't want to come across as "aww that's not right to say that" nurse. I can understand what the nurse is feeling and also a pt that is labeled difficult usually just feels out of control in the hospital setting and is lashing out some way. A little understand all around goes a long way in nursing:) Good luck to you! Mj
  6. 4give&4getoften

    Native American people

    Hi Cathyrn, What great experience in healthcare you have had! Are you originally from Australia or are you a transplant? What would you say is your favorite part of your job? Mj
  7. 4give&4getoften


    maybe be honest and tell her you can't fill in any longer because doing nothing is torture. Ask her why reading a book is not allowed? If you are there right by the child and can respond to his needs what is the big deal?! I agree with the others...sounds like a control issue and I personally could not deal with that type of control. Good luck and keep us posted:)
  8. 4give&4getoften

    Tactful education; Obesity

    If a pt is seriously obese it is more than likely is about portion control they are hurting mentally or emotionally. They need a HCP that truly cares in helping them get to the root of their weight problem. Now going about that in a way that the pt really knows and understands you want to help is what we need to figure out here.
  9. 4give&4getoften

    I hear ASN degrees are being phased out.

    Hi Want2b3, Are you hearing anything about the job market for new grads? esp. being hired by the hospitals right out of school.
  10. 4give&4getoften

    I'm not answering call lights

    True, that could happen. How we handled this was when a call light went off answer, at the station and if a pt had to go to the BR we tried to high tail it in their because we were an ortho floor and had many pts just start to get up and go. Now if they needed someone else we would get in there asap but we would never not answer a call light.
  11. 4give&4getoften

    Has anyone ever look down on you because you are a nurse

    Never. And actually quite the opposite, I usually get," I couldn't do that and glad you are able to" and " We need people who want to take of other people".
  12. 4give&4getoften

    Baby Friendly- getting a tad over the top

    Elle23, lmao! I was just thinking that was how most of my German Parents and their parents were feed! Most lived very healthy well into their 80s & 90s. Out of my 3 children, the child that I nursed has health issues....autoimmune in fact:( On another note I know the studies say breast is best and it is a good thing that we are educating parents on how healthy breast milk is but how about when mom goes home? In some areas there is very little support when and if mom has problems with latch on(most common problem r/t sore nipples) or any of the other issues that may come up. I hope there are good and available resources for these moms that choose to nurse.
  13. 4give&4getoften

    Please help

    What is the question that the passage refers to???
  14. 4give&4getoften

    Single Parent struggling to become an LPN :(

    hi Cnvong:) Good for you for not giving up! 1st you need to get schooling paid for right? Since you lost your grant due to missing school because of a medical emergency, you can try to apply again and give them a good reason why you need your grant. If they think it was a suffice reason, you should get funding back. Ok I just reread your post. As far as AK goes I do not know but you could try and find a college that specializes in online chem or bio with lab that will be for lpn school. In PA we have Geneva College ABC classes and is especially for people who need those classes to get into nursing school. Geneva has an agreement with many schools here to accept their prereqs. The only thing is Geneva does not accept any aid I believe at this time and the classes are a little pricey. I do hope you find a way to get your LPN. It can provide a nice living and LPNs are not going anywhere;) Please keep me updated!
  15. 4give&4getoften

    Nurses aren't maids!

    I have a case that IF I could safely take care of my client AND clean the home(or anything else that would help them out I would!) BUT they never would ask me nor probably let me(not that the house was even dirty;) My point is for some parents I would anything within my power to help them out. The family are a wonderful bunch and the circumstances break my heart and mom and dad are so exhausted at times. Does anyone get what I mean???
  16. 4give&4getoften

    Nurses who hate patients - advice

    I use to work with a nurse who hatted nursing, hatted her patients and family and complained all through the shift. BUT when they needed something she was in that room, listening to them, getting them pain meds, whatever they needed she took care of it. THEY LOVED HER! I figured I may have bugged her because I was all,"Yay nursing is great" not that I said it but I guess in my actions and what I did NOT say. Anyway this nurse taught me so much and although she talked all this"I hate nursing, pts, etc" her actions said otherwise. So do you feel she is attending to her pts needs or are you finding you have to pick up the slack because she hates her pts???