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  1. I graduated NP school at 44 after years of being an RN. My advice-- do it now, don't wait.
  2. WV-RN

    I'm not pregnant

    I used to get asked too frequently if I were pregnant... Even though I was 5'6" and about 140# when I was in my early thirties. I think it was because I was a 36DD cup. Hahaha. Now that I'm older and plumper all over I don't get asked that question anymore. Oh well.....
  3. WV-RN

    Cell phone in your thigh?

    May be meralgia parasthetica. A numbness and tingling in the outer thigh sometimes caused by wearing a tight belt like a heavy tool belt around the waist.
  4. WV-RN

    Words You Hate

    Mammiogram. Usually an LOL that says it.
  5. WV-RN

    NP or PA

    Twozer, when I applied for my NP grad school, yes I was aware that we were required to find our own preceptors but I never realized how hard it would be. We had an assignment to shadow an area of interest for one day during our second semester and I was turned down by several OB/GYN docs for just one day of shadowing. At the time I was not reading postings on this forum and really had no clue that it would be hard to get someone to precept me. I found out fast that I would have to work hard to find preceptors and that I would have to "settle" for a couple of sub-par ones, but my education was MINE and I made it great in spite of the situation. Adult learning is self directed and you get out of it what you put into it.
  6. WV-RN

    AANP Cert Exam Dec 2015 Advice

    Hi all nurses! I just passed my ANCC FNP exam! I promised to let you know what helped me the most from what I studied and I have to say the Exam Edge practice tests were most helpful and most like the real test. The Leik book was slightly helpful with the test, but I think it is very helpful with general knowledge for practice. Thanks for all the support from everyone throughout this process. Good luck to everyone else testing soon!
  7. WV-RN

    RN transition to advance practice nursing

    Very difficult. NPs are supposed to be "advanced" practitioners but the more advanced I have become, the further away from my basic education I have become. I have been in mostly specialty areas and it's true that if you don't use it you lose it. Some of the things taught in my masters program were completely different than what I learned 25 years ago. There are many questions on all nurses about how long to wait after becoming an RN to start the NP process. I say don't wait more than 5 years to keep current in practice.
  8. WV-RN

    Being forced to stay at work. (West Virginia)

    Same thing happened in my WV hospital during the blizzard of '93. Guess things haven't changed much. After it was all over we all got coupons for a free "blizzard" ice cream from Dairy Queen. That seems like fair enough compensation right???? Lol
  9. WV-RN

    Plastic Surgery

    Anyone have any experience with coolsculpting?
  10. WV-RN

    Plastic Surgery

    Weight loss clinic Murdoch ave parkersburg
  11. WV-RN

    Before I begin school....

    Clean your house very very good because you will not have time to clean once you start the clinical portion of your program. Also start saving money now because it is almost impossible (for me anyway) to continue working very many hours when doing clinicals. ( especially if you are older or have family responsibilities). Please don't slam me for insinuating older students can't do it. I am speaking about myself being in my early 40's. Comparing my energy level from when I was in my 20's when I went through my RN program I can definitely tell a difference. It's a lot of work but worth it in the end. I am glad to finally be done!!
  12. WV-RN

    AANP Cert Exam Dec 2015 Advice

    I have not taken my cert exam yet but plan to in January 2016. I am going to take ANCC instead of the AANP. I am studying the Leik book which I think is easy to follow and I have scored about 85% on the questions in the back of the book by taking 100 at a time. I also took the APEA predictor test, can't remember exact score but it was in the 70's which the test says I would predictably pass my cert exam. I also ordered the ten pack of exam edge questions. I have only done four tests so far and have passed all of them but found them to have a lot of theory and non clinical questions. I don't know how many questions on ANCC are theory but I feel this is my weak area so they might be helpful for that. I'll let you all know if exam edge was helpful after take my cert test. [emoji4]
  13. You will be on the border of Ohio and West Virginia so having both licenses will double your job opportunities. I work in WV and hold both just in case.
  14. WV-RN

    Tampons & Stomas

    Turtle in scrubs, I wish I had heard of this a year ago. My husband had a temporary ileostomy and it was very frustrating to change his wafer while fighting constant draining stool. Would have saved us a lot of time and frustration. I think it's a great idea.
  15. WV-RN

    BSN-DNP and working full-time as RN. Thoughts?

    I think it depends on your personal situation. If you are motivated, not married and don't have kids yet, I say go for it. If you have to devote time to a relationship or children it will probably be too much especially when you start clinicals. Good luck in whatever you decide!
  16. WV-RN

    working in a physicians office

    It's better than inpatient nursing but I think it depends on what job you end up getting. I have worked for a doc that was very needy and had a patient load that was needy as well. I was swamped all the time. In comparison I have worked for docs that do everything for themselves and the phone hardly rings. Expect the worst and hope for the best.