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  1. Can anyone enlighten me on culture at Strategic Behavioral Health in Charlotte? Any info would be great!
  2. DWillaman72

    Charlotte RN Salary??

    Have you found anything else out about this topic? I am looking to network on this whole relocation process and am going to relocate from MI at some point.
  3. DWillaman72

    Michigan BON

    My wife and I just did it in August and it took a while have you done your fingerprints yet?
  4. DWillaman72

    Obesity: A disease or a lifestyle

    I am in agreement that it is all of the above as well, but it is different for different people. Maybe each person gets a percentage to each of the three categories? Some may have 1 or 2 factors but most all have 3 of the traits. I personally am 450 pounds and I was a world class powerlifter, ran a 6:30 mile at 298 lbs etc. etc. I dont eat like a rabbit, but you will never see me at a buffet or being sick over eating too much. My lifestyle is definitely not the healthiest or most active, but part of it is because im so damn big it's hard to be as active as I want. Disease is probably the least of a factor for me, I do not have an addictive side to me, if anything I will do a bad thing to excess once or twice (such as drinking one day really hard 1-2x year). I would definitely say mental health is involved for me. I fight the depression train every day, some days I win some I lose, and usually starting in January-February I lose more than I win. I think genetics play the most important role for me. It is the easiest place to put the blame, but obesity runs in my family and noone runs in my family (pun intended). I cant say noone likes working with obese patients, but lets just say not a whole lot of nurses I know get excited about having a 350 pluser to take care of. They need more care, more caregivers, and are usually not the happiest of campers. However, we have to deal with it, and make the best out of the patients we do care for. As for me, Im over everything and am taking the surgical route. Gooselady hit the nail on the head!
  5. DWillaman72

    5th time today...dying of suspense

    With 21 or 22 SATA that is a lot. I had a S*** load of those. I would guess you passed as mine shut off at 75 as well...The more SATA the better. Means you are way above the competency line. Congrats RN
  6. You didnt "forget" everything, you are simply new and not used to pressure. Your are going to have to figure out how to manage your anxiety as you cant always go to work doped up on benzos :) That being said take a deep breath remember your KITES, knock, introduce, tell them why you are here, eliminate germs (sanitize), check safety, nursing instructors want to know you can manage yourself, almost moreso than the pt. sometimes. Make sure you are asking questions during hand-off, start your assessment, remember what you are in the room to do. Get the vitals, then head to toe, address all safety issues, sanitize out. Assessment is the key. You have to be in charge and be confident. Always ask the pt. if there is anything you can do for them. Assessment is the key, write stuff down! You will be a great nurse even with GAD, it is all about management, get your routine and execute! Good Luck!
  7. DWillaman72

    Help! Need some insight!

    If you are like me you will love it. I took my first position in a non-medical ETOH and drug detox that is geared for the indigent. The key is to know a little bit about everything and have confidence or some people will eat you alive. For health department you will be doing lots of TB tests, immunizations, and teaching. Find alternative ways to communicate (depending on your area). As far as nursing skills they will be useless (i.e. foley, IV's), maybe some dressing changes. Public health is much more rewarding than working LTC, just my opinon. Trust me there is something to be said for weekends off, and less stress. Good Luck!
  8. DWillaman72

    Coworker tried converting me on my break

    Just keep a copy of a generic cease/desist letter and then have a blank for the reason and fill it in with pink marker and smile big when you hand it off to the offender! On a serious note I would say I prefer not to talk about the subject of religion...followed up by a prompt How about those (insert sports team here)....People dont know to stop unless you tell them?
  9. DWillaman72

    What do you enjoy about addictions nursing?

    I want to help people, the people I serve want help. Naturally it is a fit! But I love to find the way to reach them. For alcoholics sometimes it is telling them how they will die if they continue drinking a half gallon per day. I like to be able to present reality but also be supportive. I cant tell you everything I say is clinically correct, but I have success with my clientele because I care and will do what I can to help.
  10. DWillaman72


    How hard is the exam? How long? I passed the NCLEX in the 75 questions and generally do well with reading but this exam has me nervous.
  11. DWillaman72

    suboxone taper

    Do what you think as nurse is best. Why are they leaving? Is it to score dope? Unhappy with staff? Let them know what will happen by taking Suboxone and attempting to get high from heroin. If it is not a policy than it is a nursing judgement (dont you love that???). Be there to help and facilitate recovery not another person that says no or I cant help you!
  12. DWillaman72

    New to methadone nursing

    Congratulations on your new position. Read up on methadone, read everything you can find, its a nasty one, how long does your clinic offer tapering? Do you also use suboxone? Would love to pick your brain on your new career!
  13. DWillaman72

    alcohol withdrawal-Ativan

    I definitely agree with you, but one can argue detox can last up to 14 days esp the fifth a dayers. However, it should be determined off of a CIWA score and the orders should conicide with a CIWA scale. If pt. is not >8 they should not be given it PRN (or however the doc writes the order). If the doctor is writing it for withdrawal only then bring it to the attention of your superiors and maybe request at next staff meeting more restrictive orders be placed on the use of PRN ativan after the customary 5 day detox. However, remember that you are the nurse and you have to bring all concerns to the doc. If a pt is abusing it tell the doctor your concerns and tell him what you want, why it will benefit the pt, and why it is more appropriate than the alternative.
  14. DWillaman72

    Working in addiction nursing

    I currently work in a gov position in a residential clinical detox program (not medical detox) but I love it. I have not been pushed to grab a specialty but I feel that it is my duty as an RN to get a specialty certification. I am going for CARN this year, but it takes 1 year of experience to qualify to take the test. The more we know about the type of people we serve the better nurses we can be for them. Good Luck!
  15. DWillaman72

    Work in it...or is living it enough?

    I lost my dad to Cirrhosis (died of resp. failure from bleeding esophageal varices), both of my parents were substance abusers. Dad died at age 47 and mother at 58 (complications of depression). With your first hand knowledge of living it you have more to offer your clients than you realize. I currently work with lower SES clients fighting addiction. It is 100 percent where I belong and have been a nurse for less than a year. I, like you, also hated med/surg, dont be stuck because you have to be. I became a nurse because I love to help people, for the selfish reasons I wanted portability, steady pay, and job stability which we all know nursing can offer. Do what is right for you first and then where you can be the most helpful to the most number of people (think of it as triaging your career).