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  1. Do you leave work for the next shift?

    You should leave when your shift ends and take your breaks even if you are behind. If you are on a patient when your shift comes to an end or you have a break, complete your patient and go to your break or leave work. You have done your job to your b...
  2. Compared to living in California, Texas is much cheaper. I wouldn't worry about not being able to make ends meet on that salary, it sounds like a pretty good one. :)
  3. Where to find Petite Scrubs?

    Hi everyone, I was wondering if there are any petite women out there who know where to purchase petite size scrubs. I am only about 5'1/2" and 120 pounds so I am very concerned about where I would be able to find pants to fit my length.
  4. Sounds like a stupid mistake you did awhile ago that should not hold you back now. It is on your transcript, but if you have numerous jobs and experience in the field for the last few years, I don't see why it should hold you back. If any doubt, once...
  5. CNA job options for a college nursing student?

    If you can drive, I would look into Home Health. You go to a patient's house and take care of them. It may be an easier job ot get into than going into a hospital and would give you personal communication skills.
  6. I'm the worst CNA they ever had

    You deserve credit for staying there a whole hour. I would have thought about leaving as soon as I could. There is reason why you are going to her house to take care of her. She is old and unstable, which seems mentally rather than physically based ...
  7. No calculators allowed as an RN?

    You all made me laugh! Thank you for the answers. I was more than sure there were plenty of nurses out there who used their calculators. She is middle aged so she may just be old school about everything. She wouldn't even let us use out calculators o...
  8. Becoming a nurse is no longer an option for me?

    You can renew your permit very easily by going back to the DDS. I never used my permit (I'm now just getting my license at 17- take the test tomorrow) through all 2 years and had to go back and renew it. You may need to retake the test if it is expir...
  9. No calculators allowed as an RN?

    My high school teacher, who is an RN, has made us use no calculators when converting temperatures to Fahrenheit to Celsius. I understand her reasoning for not allowing us since we are not allowed to on standard tests, but she is adamant as an RN that...
  10. I Passed My CNA State Test !

    Congrats! :)
  11. 18 Year Old CNA? Should I do it?

    Thank you! I feel better about making a choice. If I do not become a CNA working in a hospital I may go into working at a daycare which accepts CNA courses just as much from job listings I have seen.
  12. 18 Year Old CNA? Should I do it?

    Thank you! I really don't know any entry level area for Radiology but I will definitely look it up too see. I don't have crazy severe asthma like some of my family, but it is enough that if I am running too much, I need to take a break. Did it take y...
  13. 18 Year Old CNA? Should I do it?

    I have been thinking about going through with a CNA course the last year. I wanted to be a nurse for awhile, but have lately not wanted to go through with nursing but have looked at becoming a CNA to help me earn money through college. I really love ...
  14. I live in Georgia and am required to take the TEAS in order to get into a Nursing program. I am SO confused on where to apply that I am about to go nuts. Do I have to call a nearby campus and take it there or do I have to apply online? I have looked...
  15. Georgia Regents Nursing Program?

    In the near future I am going t look into applying for Georgia Regents, but I can't find anyone's personal opinion of the school's nursing program. Can anyone tell me anything? Is the campus nice? How are the classes? If the program good? How hard is...