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  1. liketheairport

    Cannabis and Healthcare 2014

    Alcohol is terribly addictive and has much more serious long-term health effects, such as liver problems. Also, alcohol is legal and marijuana, in most places, is not. Marijuana is illegal for mostly stupid reasons, too.
  2. liketheairport

    Suicide Is Not Your Answer

    I can't judge either of them. I can't say it's not someone's option. To them, it definitely is. To me, I would be afraid of what may happen if there is an afterlife. I may have to come back and do this all over again. (No way would I want to!) A friend of mine recently told me she was planning suicide. I told her I wouldn't judge her, I hoped she'd reconsider, and I thought God would forgive her. I prayed for her to reconsider and that she'd get at least some sign of hope. She hasn't done it, thankfully. It's not that you want to hurt anyone else. You just want the pain, the whatever, to just STOP. As someone who typically blames myself for EVERYTHING, I can understand how it feels like there's no way to stop the pain. And maybe there isn't. But, I guess learning to cope with it differently, in an ultimately much less harmful way, is the better option, not the ultimate one. When I hear about these sorts of things, I just pray they're not feeling pain anymore and that their families are OK.
  3. liketheairport

    Stop the drama already...

    Most of the drama I've encountered has been stirred up by women. And usually because their head is so far up their own or a guy's behind they're unable to breathe. (And the guy is usually a "drama queen", too.) And usually it's people with similar personalities to my last roommate. Thankfully, these days, I basically steer clear of these sorts people if I can get away with it.
  4. liketheairport

    Everyone Won't Succeed. And That's Okay!

    If you speak to psychologists, they'd probably say both nature AND nature. But, that's also a VERY generalized and non-specific way to think of it. I will say coming from a middle-class, single mom household, it may have seemed like I had it easy. Looks can be deceiving.
  5. liketheairport

    High-Value and Low-Value Patients

    My wonderful, amazing mom couldn't have kids (something was wrong with her ovaries, apparently she didn't have eggs able to be fertilized), and adopted me. When I was 5, she had pre-cancerous cells in her uterus, so they decided to take out the whole kit 'n' caboodle. Just because she couldn't do what so many women can doesn't make her any less of a person (or a mother!). I'm 31. I had one pregnancy, but I spontaneously aborted probably due to diabetes complications. (It was VERY unplanned.) I haven't tried again, because I need to focus on keeping myself healthy in order to support pregnancy. Does it mean I'm any less a woman or person than my high school classmates or other friends who have bunches of children? Nope. It just means I'm going to be more prepared when I DO start trying, if or when I do. And if I don't, well, that's just how it's supposed to be.
  6. liketheairport

    High-Value and Low-Value Patients

    My fiance had prostate and testicular cancer at a very young age (early 20s). His mom had breast cancer. She's brave. He's just some dude. Even she talks about it that way. So, the fact that we don't know if he can have kids yet (we're not trying for a bit yet) isn't as important as her "fighting breast cancer", because she's a mother. (By the way, we place also a lot of importance on "being a parent". It IS important, but it doesn't mean people without kids aren't important.)
  7. liketheairport

    Nursing School Won't Teach You These Things (Part 1)

    I'm an introvert as well, but many times you'll have to play "Let's Make a Deal" with your introversion. Spend your day working, interacting, etc. Then, when you go home, take a nice long bubble bath or a hot shower, and spend some time with yourself. Unfortunately, we so much encourage everyone to be an extrovert that society forgets that not everyone is. Play along a little, and then take those days off and time at home to "recharge". Repeat in your head, "It's OK, I'll have time to myself later, it's OK, I'll have time to myself later." You'll make it. Just remember that not everyone's an introvert either. :)