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  1. Fair enough. I just think I know better about what this entails than people think I do. I know about other fields, and school isn't designed to be easy, no matter which field you're in. I just really hope the OP figures everything out.
  2. We are giving you the realistic picture. We're not calling you stupid, we're not judging you. If you take it as "bullying", then there is nothing else anyone can say that will help you. Please, take a look at yourself. Step back if you have to. Think really hard about everything; you, the professor, nursing, etc. Maybe you'll find answers. Maybe you'll figure out if you really want to do this. Work in another field for awhile. We really are trying to help, but if you don't listen to what we're saying and you find it to just be "bullying"...this isn't going to get better for you. You're making yourself the victim here. That's all I can say about the post above.
  3. ...nice try. I know what I'd be getting into. I tried it before, it didn't work because of MY immaturity then. The issue is not getting one or two Cs. It's the fact that EmilyEmily blames EVERYONE else for her lack of understanding. I don't blame anyone but myself for my lack of ability to do it the first time. I put myself in a situation to fail. Time has caused me to rethink how to go about it. And yes, some people do just stink at taking tests. I'm one of them. However, that's not the professor's problem, it's mine. I have to learn to handle that, not the professor. EmilyEmily has to learn to cope with whatever deficits she may have, too. That seems to be the real issue. Never assume that just because I'm not a nursing student yet that I have NO IDEA of what I'm getting myself into. Nothing is EVER exactly how you expect it to be. I plan on going in with NO expectations other than I'll need to work my butt off at whatever the task is.
  4. liketheairport

    Failed clinicals 2 weeks before finishing the RN program

    You can do this! If you've made it this far, there is NO reason you can't do this! Sometimes doing something again helps you figure out how to do it best. Take it as a learning experience, and you'll do this. Good luck!
  5. My mother has been a nurse for a very long time. She admits she's not exactly academically stellar. But, I know her, and she studied her butt off for nursing school. Every two years or something, she has to take a test to renew certifications. (The exact details escape me currently.) She studies her butt off for however many weeks before the test. AND SHE PASSES. Why? Because she works hard and figures out ways that work FOR HER. Obviously you're missing something that works for YOU. Either you need to find that, or you're going to have a hard time in ANY field you go into.
  6. Darling, those stats are manipulated all the time. The administration doesn't actually usually read the evals. And if they have tenure, no one cares. Also, if it's that much of a problem, why don't you go up the chain to find out why? Why don't YOU bring up YOUR concerns to the school? All I'm hearing is "The professor isn't good," which may simply translate to "I'm not trying hard enough." Those instructors who provide study guides and whatnot may have the highest pass rates, but they're also allowing those who aren't meant to do this or really aren't mentally capable of it be nurses. I don't want the C students providing my care. Do you?
  7. ...cough...cough...EmilyEmily, I tried. I tried to have empathy for you. I tried to show caring and ask you questions I thought would help, However, I've now read more of your posts, your responses to this thread, and your seeming inability to get this, I will make it clear cut and simple: The real world does not spoon-feed you. I am sorry you're having such difficulties. I am sorry you feel as though the instructors are responsible for your learning. I am sorry you feel as though everyone wants you to fail. Blaming them for your lack of focus or abilities is indicative of perhaps a psychological problem. Lacking the psychological problem, then it is simply immaturity. Anything worth doing is worth doing right. It is also worth figuring it out for yourself. Whatever your future career/schooling may be, no one will hold your hand through it. You're old enough, by law, to be considered an adult. As an "adult", you are expected to figure things out for yourself, not expect everything repeated for you over and over again and then getting a medal or a cookie every time you do something right. Nursing is not for people who seek praise. Nursing is not for those who need that much coddling. Hell, college is not for coddling. At least not the college I graduated from for my bachelor's degree. You have the tools at your disposal, you and the material. You say there are no tutors for your program at your school. Then seek outside help! Ask the people in your classes if they're having trouble. Talk to the instructor. See what the instructor's tips are. You've asked for help on this forum. You seem to not take ANY advice freely given. Lastly, please see a therapist. Maybe therapy can help you get to the bottom of this, or at least help you cope with whatever's going on in your head. Nursing may not be your path. Maybe something else is. Hopefully you find it, whatever it may be.
  8. I hate the term "white people". OK, I'm a "white" Anglo-Saxon Protestant. But, Cajuns (or Acadiens) aren't exactly like people from Ireland, or from England, or from France, or from Russia. Louisiana, for instance, isn't quite like Georgia or Alabama or Florida or Texas. I put "Acadian" on my census form. Every state, country, city, town is different. We can assume that people from the South are ignorant, or that people from New York are sophisticated. But, neither is necessarily true. The sooner we celebrate those differences, the sooner we can understand them, and the sooner we can stop letting them divide us.
  9. liketheairport

    Advice to students

    Is it strange that I've gotten at least 70% of the questions correct in the NCLEX-RN practice book without ever having done any nursing school?
  10. To the OP, academia can be really difficult, no matter what field it's in. Why? Because schools want to seem prestigious enough to get people to apply and enroll. Also, it's to test people's mettle, to weed out the people who aren't serious about it. That's pretty much in ANY academic program, but especially in anything having to do with medical sciences. A lot of things may SEEM unnecessary, but the funny thing is, you never know when you may need an alternative approach to a problem. You'll be glad to have crammed all that stuff in, you may actually recall it when needed.
  11. liketheairport

    High-Value and Low-Value Patients

    My wonderful, amazing mom couldn't have kids (something was wrong with her ovaries, apparently she didn't have eggs able to be fertilized), and adopted me. When I was 5, she had pre-cancerous cells in her uterus, so they decided to take out the whole kit 'n' caboodle. Just because she couldn't do what so many women can doesn't make her any less of a person (or a mother!). I'm 31. I had one pregnancy, but I spontaneously aborted probably due to diabetes complications. (It was VERY unplanned.) I haven't tried again, because I need to focus on keeping myself healthy in order to support pregnancy. Does it mean I'm any less a woman or person than my high school classmates or other friends who have bunches of children? Nope. It just means I'm going to be more prepared when I DO start trying, if or when I do. And if I don't, well, that's just how it's supposed to be.
  12. liketheairport

    Why do you get sick from the cold?

    My mom, who's been an RN for 40ish years, used to yell at me for going out with wet hair to school. She'd say "You'll catch a cold!" To which my response was, "Mom, you should know this better than me, colds come from viruses!" She never could find the way to tell me, "Of course they do, but it probably doesn't help the situation to go out with wet hair!"
  13. liketheairport

    High-Value and Low-Value Patients

    My fiance had prostate and testicular cancer at a very young age (early 20s). His mom had breast cancer. She's brave. He's just some dude. Even she talks about it that way. So, the fact that we don't know if he can have kids yet (we're not trying for a bit yet) isn't as important as her "fighting breast cancer", because she's a mother. (By the way, we place also a lot of importance on "being a parent". It IS important, but it doesn't mean people without kids aren't important.)
  14. liketheairport

    Nursing School Won't Teach You These Things (Part 1)

    I'm an introvert as well, but many times you'll have to play "Let's Make a Deal" with your introversion. Spend your day working, interacting, etc. Then, when you go home, take a nice long bubble bath or a hot shower, and spend some time with yourself. Unfortunately, we so much encourage everyone to be an extrovert that society forgets that not everyone is. Play along a little, and then take those days off and time at home to "recharge". Repeat in your head, "It's OK, I'll have time to myself later, it's OK, I'll have time to myself later." You'll make it. Just remember that not everyone's an introvert either. :)
  15. liketheairport

    Frustrated with my A&P Professor

    How often are you studying? Are you distracted while studying? There's a great app for Android called Speed Anatomy. I believe it's free, and if I recall you can quiz different systems. It's really only good for quizzing you after you've read and studied. There's also Anatomy Quiz Pro on the iTunes store for $1.99. Constantly quiz yourself. Absolutely see if your classmates are having the same issue. See if you can find stats on pass/fail in this instructor's classes, see if you can find reviews for this person. If a lot of you are having the same problem, you can all absolutely go speak to this professor together.
  16. liketheairport

    Is this common with teaching hospitals?

    This particular hospital contracts with another healthcare corporation to be the go between my doctor(s) and me. I don't necessarily think it's the wrong thing to do, I just wonder how many patients feel slighted being in this situation.

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