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  1. GraceOnly

    Switching offices

    Stepping aside and realizing family and friends working together is going to take precedence, even if the matter is over your space. This can be a big deal or a small one. That's up to you. Provided you have a decent place to document and think, you have to make the decision if you really want to start over elsewhere or not. Finding a job is another stress. These people aren't necessarily going to walk all over you because of office space. I feel bad for you because you're losing a window, but finding a new job is the next step without being flexible. If I really liked working with my patients and get along with staff, be up front and ask them about their plot over office space. Not communicating creates worse stress. They aren't talking to you, well-you can talk to them. You can decide how to be flexible while still setting professional boundaries. Your feelings may remain in limbo until you face them with your questions. Do they pay you well? How is the essence of teamwork? You mentioned you thought you'd found a final place to work where you feel at home. You weren't looking for a reason to leave until the office space issue came up. The task of managing who gets what space is on the manager/director. Sit and talk with them with your view and theirs. See what happens. They may not realize your perspective of their actions, until they are informed. We can't read each other's minds.
  2. GraceOnly

    California Furnishing license time frame?

    Is anyone familiar on how long it takes to get Furnishing license in California once you have the NP and RN licenses? The RN and NP licenses came 2 days apart after 11 weeks from initial application date. My furnishing application is open and under way going into week 12 but presumed it would be finalized based on processing timelines on the BRN website. I am on stand-by waiting for my start date at the new employer based on when all this happens. I moved to the area from out of state thinking it would happen much sooner. I hope its not going to take another month of being unemployed. If its going to be another month, there are other things I can be doing! Any insight from you California NPs is appreciated!
  3. GraceOnly

    Contract Penalty fee $30,000

    FullGlass-yes, I know it is a retention bonus. That was explained in my reply to the person, Nurselove757, that wrote and started this thread above with her question of how common is it that an NP would have to repay a penalty fee. I was advising her to ask about where her potential employer came up with such as number of 30 grand without some kind of mathematical explanation, such as the example in my contract I just signed. Yearly retention bonuses sound like a fair offer to me, so figured she may have missed some explanation in her contract above. Thanks!
  4. GraceOnly

    NP in Europe

    https://www.midlevelu.com/blog/so-you-want-take-your-np-career-france-heres-how Some insight on what to expect. Do you speak French? I know most French residents speak English secondary, but not sure about lower socioeconomic or less educated. Plus, you would have to find an employer beforehand to sponsor you on a work visa is my understanding.
  5. GraceOnly

    Contract Penalty fee $30,000

    Hello, I am about to start a new contract for 3 years. I get a $10,000 bonus at the end of each year, totaling 30 grand after 3 years. If I break my contract before the 36 months or 3 yrs, I have to pay back the amounts paid to me, depending on what time frame my resignation should happen, such as 20 grand if I leave after the 2nd year. I cannot believe this practice would charge you such an amount without some type of payment or incentive for your continued employment. Are you sure they did not leave out something explaining where they came up with the 30 grand? And the termination notice of 3 months seems standard. That was in my contract as well, and I have to agree not to leave in the last 3 months of the year between Oct to Dec (for reasoning behind budgeting and fiscal year numbers I am thinking.).
  6. GraceOnly

    FNPagnpFNPFNP....no it's AGNP

    djmatte and everyone else, Thanks for your reply as well as everyone else here! I have already graduated with the AGNP Primary Care certification, over a year ago. Just starting my first dream job of working with geris, after turning down other offers from primary care clinics. The bang for my buck wasn't my goal in becoming marketable as I was already making more $ than most new grad NPs in my state as an RN of 30 years. This was about finding the right job for my last working years as a healthcare provider, as retirement will come in 15 years or so - I am 50 yrs old. I want to love my job especially as I get older! And yes, the FNP is more marketable reaching all lifespans. That is why it probably took me a year to find the right job with geris! My frustration was just with those hiring me, keep wanting to refer to me as the "new FNP" when introducing me to others. I was hired specifically for my love and certification in geriatrics for a senior wellness program. I will be working with another PA and FNP, and then the physician. Those doing the interview said I was hired for the nursing background #1 and the adult geriatric focus. I do not want to make "a mountain out of a molehill" since its all semantics. It will blow over as I start my new position with this group. They will get to know me in time. I made myself clear day one when finalizing the contract with one person that I am adult geri, not family---did not want to run into credentialing problems. It will become like traumaRUs says above, how we become known as the NP, regardless of the letters following our name! Even some of the NPs at my last job were called "Dr" by the patients and family. Again, back to semantics and how one handles the situation. Just needed to talk about it here, versus going to the new job feeling defensive about such a small thing. Thank you all for interacting!
  7. GraceOnly

    Transferring nursing license from Texas to Arizona

    Hello. Arizona and Texas are both part of the compact states agreement. You should be able to start practicing right away without any issues if you have a compact nursing license in Texas. https://nurse.org/articles/enhanced-compact-multi-state-license-eNLC/
  8. GraceOnly

    FNPagnpFNPFNP....no it's AGNP

    Hello friends! Old experienced nurse of 25 plus years, now new grad AGNP-C about to start first job here. After a long job search and the market being flooded with new grads, I am recently blessed with an opportunity in my dream setting of working with Senior patients. During my graduate education, I came across many opinions on my specialty. A co-worker FNP told me she heard many programs "were doing away with the AGNP" role, and I would be better off pursuing FNP for greater success in finding a job. My previous employer, a hospital, did hire mostly FNPs, without any acute care experience. Most threads are about the FNP role. As our population ages, I was excited for my opportunity. Now that I am hired in my new and true role, I being introduced to future co-workers and the new "FNP" when I am not. Even though I am to work with elderly only at this point, without getting defensive, I still feel like the FNP title is engrained into most mindsets and some even laughed when I corrected them nicely. I was told that's just how they refer to their NPs in general! Have any other AGNP's come across this! Maybe its not such a relevant thing and it won't keep me from doing my job, but not everyone is aware of our scope of practices. Thoughts or insight??