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  1. ToughCookieRN

    What would you say?

    If you were under aggressive new management whom you felt were making things less safe in your area and were generally just making your workplace untenable, what would you put on your job applications in order to be graceful? I am having difficulty because I don't want to sound accusatory and I don't want to be untruthful. Thanks
  2. ToughCookieRN

    Don't People Have Bills To Pay?

    Why does a new nurse need to stick with a position for awhile before moving on? Because they come out of school only knowing basics. Nursing education is set up so that you learn most actual skill while on the floor. School tried to give you tools. Your preceptor and resource nurses teach you to use those tools. NCLEX only means you have met minimum knowledge competency. That first year or two you don't even know how much you don't know and I'm not talking IV starts. If you job hop too soon in your nursing career you interfere with your own assimilation of knowledge. I don't believe NETY. I may be slightly crusty. I will gladly precept a new grad even though it makes me crazy lately. The last one had a breakdown when I tried to explain why it's not always appropriate to administer dilaudid IV just because you have a prn order. Understand the crusty bat is trying to teach you and protect your patients and deal with it. I'm not your BFF, I'm your preceptor.
  3. ToughCookieRN

    Nosey nurse

  4. ToughCookieRN

    Nosey nurse

    Even those with POA can't look in a chart. It's not different from me looking at my minor child's chart without a release. It's kinda silly with that regard, I fill out a request granting myself access. Release Forms must be filled out and then the requested record can be disseminated. I only reply to this post because just today I was caring for the 'relative' of an employee. I has discharged my pt. to the care of her spouse and found her chart locked by her 'relative' viewing it from her workstation. Breadcrumbs will catch her if anyone is looking.
  5. Shannon- this sounds like what is happening in my acute care facility in VA. We believe they are ridding themselves of existing staff to make way for cheaper newbies, but firing people leaves a facility open to age discrimination complaints so they try to make us miserable enough to leave on our own accord. Not done- what's Group?
  6. ToughCookieRN

    Patient vs Client

    The Bob the OP lap chole? He is my patient. What would you call him? Btw- if this post went to anyone's email by mistake...sorry, but I'm on my phone at lunch.
  7. ToughCookieRN

    Patient vs Client

  8. ToughCookieRN

    What to do?

    Hello- Our staff is being pressured to work outside our Standards of Practice by our nurse manager and department director. When we complain that we won't risk patient or license safety they respond with veiled threats and retaliation by write up. We want to file a complaint outside the hospital but don't know where to turn. Complaint line at BON just put me through to directory that did not help. Any ideas? Tired of Politics

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