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  1. Moving Foward

    Two months from today I will be finish with LPN school

    I'm so happy for you!! Me, myself only have 3moths left until pinning!!!
  2. Moving Foward

    LPN/LVN salary for 2013/2014

    I'm sorry to hear about you being fired! But I'm glad you found a replacement also! Thank you for your response I'm seeing hope in everybody post! Again thank you :))
  3. Moving Foward

    LPN/LVN salary for 2013/2014

    Michelkejxx thank you for your response. You will have a lot more choices as an RN! It's the same here in Cincinnati Ohio all the hospitals are hollering BSN!!! I hope nursing work out for you think positive and positive things will happen!!! Keep pushing my nurse friend :))
  4. Moving Foward

    LPN/LVN salary for 2013/2014

    Thank You for your response back, I'm looking for a lot of avenues where I can work :))
  5. Moving Foward

    LPN/LVN salary for 2013/2014

    I would like to hear from fresh LPN/LVN about starting salaries. Also I would like to know where was your first job? And how do you like being a LPN? Do you think you made the right career choice? Since, I will be a fresh LPN/LVN soon. I would like to hear everyone's input. Let's start with Cincinnati Ohio......
  6. Moving Foward


    Hadassah16 Please see let me give you the update on my progress in nursing school. Well I started on 1/6/14 and I must say this have been the most stressful journey of my life! But I love school, I'm going into my third quarter! I only have 2 more quarters left!! And I really can't believe how this nervous women made student of the quarter!!! I just want to say thank you for all your encouraging words :))
  7. Moving Foward

    2014 LPN Students

    bornfornursing!!! I'm so happy for you!!! June 12th Yay!!! I will be in my 3rd quarter Thank You Jesus!!! If it's anything I can do for you don't hesitate to reach out! Don't ever give up!!!!
  8. Moving Foward

    why look down on a lpn

    I am currently enrolled into a LPN program and absolutely LOVE IT!!
  9. Moving Foward

    2014 LPN Students

    Bornfornursing Sorry it took me so long to get back with you, but I have started the LPN program at Beckfield and let me tell you " I LOVE IT!!! Can you say I have some great, well educated MSN Plus PHD Instructors and my clinical instructors are all hands on!! The program is very intense!!! You will her a lot abou Beckfield College Good and Bad and I heard mostly Good things! But I went on the OBN " Ohio Board Of Nursing" website checked out the NCLEX Passing Rate/ I did a lot of research on the school myself! I know a lot of people nursing females/ males who are very happy with their education that they received from Beckfield Tri-County/Florence campus. Some of these same people have further their education through NKU " with " SOME" credits transfer into the BSN program @ NKU please check NKU website for yourself.....also the same people have been hired at Children's Hospital w/ out a BSN and UC right along at Christ hospital with a 5year contract sign saying they will have a BSN within 5 years!!! With this being said every school have their problems! College is what you make it! My program is only going to cost me 10k because I order all my books from Amazon! I try not to get any books from Beckfield! So there is a way to save on everything! Beckfield do let you know up front! So do your research on any school! Universities or Community College. You must remember these colleges or not just going to give you an education, but their in business to make $ also! Good Luck on Your Search!!!
  10. Moving Foward

    Fortis College, Centerville Ohio

    Go to OBN and you can get all the Information you need about that college Good Luck!!!
  11. Moving Foward


    Why do some instructors make nursing school harder then what nursing school really is? I have an instructor who gives us test materials from another nursing book! That we don't have! I'm so frustrated with this lady!! The whole class is worried thinking they are going to fail her class!!! Why do instructors use different material from different books? Instead of using the materials from the books we pay for?!?!?
  12. Moving Foward

    Mnemonics and Memory Aids

    I'm a new nursing student. And I am having problems with Atomic, Protons, Neutrons!! Can someone help me to remember this?!?! Please
  13. Moving Foward

    Getting a MA before a ADN?

    I wouldn't do the MA program either! Not worth it lol
  14. Moving Foward

    4.0 Challenge!

    I would like to join in on this challenge, This is my 1st semester and I have Human Anatomy Physiology w/ Lab Intro to Health Care w/ Lab
  15. Moving Foward


    Systoly!!! My first day was actually today and I really enjoyed myself ....All I heard about was ATI testing :0.....But you blame me for the Bengals lost really?!? Hahaha....The Chargers shut them down!!!
  16. Moving Foward

    LPN Instructor here to help!

    Hello My LPN class starts on 1/7 what pointers can you give me about test taking?