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  1. MelNursetobe

    Louisiana technical college ??

    Did you enroll in La Tech College? If so, how is the program?
  2. MelNursetobe

    Job offer

    I live in West Monroe and just enrolled in Delta CC yesterday for the LPN course. How do you like working at Conway? Do they pay decent? Cornerstone, Glenwood and St Fran are all hiring LPN now, but I'm really looking to Conway because of the teaching aspect. Your thoughts?
  3. I was able to work full time while being a single mother to a toddler and heavily pregnant with second child. I went to school full time at night. I made dean's list every quarter. Granted, this was for surgical technology, but it is comparable. It can be done.
  4. MelNursetobe

    Surg Tech to LPN

    Hi all! I graduated with my AAS in Surgical Technology in 09. At the time, I was a single mom with a 3 year old son, working 40 hours in a corporate office, heavily pregnant with my second child and going to school full time. I never went and got my certification for surg because at the time, my hearing was so bad, I did not feel it would be safe to work in the OR with this disability. Since then, I have gotten hearing aids, so I am finally fulfilling my lifelong dream of going to nursing school. I actually enrolled yesterday at our local community college. My degree in surg is from a private technical college (HUGE mistake) so of course none of my credits will articulate. My question is, since I do have this degree, will this help me in getting a job when I graduate LPN school? I am also still going to work full time (same corporate office job - 11 years now ) while in school until clinicals. I have quite a bit built up in my 401K that I can use to pay my mortgage while not working. I know that I can do this, as I've done it under tougher situations. Also, any recommendations on hearing aid safe stethoscopes? And will hospitals look at my wearing hearing aids as a risk? Any help would be appreciated.
  5. MelNursetobe

    New to West Monroe, Help!!!

    I just enrolled in the LPN course at Delta CC which will be through the Vo Tech in West Monroe since I will have to go nights. I'm very excited. There are tons of job openings for new grad RN at Glenwood, and a lot of jobs for LPN as well. I just hope there are still some open when I get out! I'm curious, I have an AAS in Surgical Technology. I never sat for boards, but I wonder if that degree will help me when I complete LPN school and try to get a job. Ultimately, I will pursue my RN and hopefully be able to work in surg.