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  1. Nightnurse95

    Nitroglycerin error

    Hi, I was hoping for some feedback. I had a patient who has having chest pain so we started him on a tridil gtt. The initial starting dose said 10mcg/min and titrations by 10 until 200mcg/min. I accidentally set the pump at 10ml/hr instead. The patient felt relief but about an hour later was having chest pain again so I went to titrate it up but then realized The rate was entered wrong. The patient had a lot of blockages to begin with and was having a heart attack so I wonder if I made it worse. The rate was within the ordered range but the starting dose was higher than it was supposed to. I guess I was wondering what happens when you start it that high. When I fixed it the patient was still having chest pain and the PA said to keep increasing it and he ended up going for an emergency cath. I feel awful about it. I know it was a big mistake but I was just wondering what can happen to the patient and if maybe I caused the heart attack.
  2. Nightnurse95

    nassau community college spring 2014

    Hi! I got my acceptance letter yesterday! Mine says Tuesday dec 10. I think the meeting is to let everyone know what's to be expected and to confirm their seat. Only the people that applied through admissions office got emails. The rest for letters in the mail.