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  1. buffy the vampire nurse

    If you had to do it over again.....

    If conditions were still like they were when I started 10 years ago..enough staff, a mix of acuity levels in patient census, patients and relatives who did not spit at me, wave weapons or hit me, enough staff then yes. But now I'm no longer clinical and I'm very happy cause teh conditions now in Australian hospitals means that teh job is no longer fun or fulfilling two things I need to saty in a job
  2. buffy the vampire nurse

    The Big Money Question

    Well here in Australia we have state mandated nursing awards and we are neither Nazis nor communists. It also means we a guaranteed rate of pay related to experience/years of service, cannot be forced to work mandatory overtime, have a minimum of 10 hours break between shifts, get paid for breaks that we miss due to workload, get paid shift differentials for evening, night shift and weekend work. Its not perfect but at least we have a set of conditions that we can demand that employers provide. I don't think we get paid enough for what we do but the guaranteed conditions help a little :-)
  3. buffy the vampire nurse

    What Freaks You Out?

    Well I'm a steel stomached ER nurse and the thing I've done that most grossed me out was when I was looking after a woman who fell ot of a window through a pointy tree and into a garden. She partially scalped herself and I had to peel back the scalp and pick the leaves, dirt and flowers off her skull while she waited to go to theatre. The weirdest thing was taht she was awake and none of thsi was causing her any pain, kinda hard to make small talk was difficult!
  4. buffy the vampire nurse

    nurse anesthetist article

    Well its good to see that Drs protect their turf the world over. I am involved in the implementation of Nurse Practitioners in Australia and doctors here are just as willing to conceal the truth (or lie!) to achieve their aims. The best one I heard at a conference was a Doctor confidently stating that Nurse Practitioners (all of whom have at least 8-10 years postgraduate experience) will 'kill people' ,just as a hobby I guess as he didn't say what they were going to do taht made them more dangerous than drs who already kill a significant number of patients though mistakes/oversights. It makes me so angry when doctors say that no one can do the things they do, it makes them sound like they are given magical powers when they finish medical school that allow them to diagnose and function effectively in an emergency.
  5. buffy the vampire nurse

    Hospital Recruiting Overseas

    Tracy, I can really understand your feelings of being used/abused by your administration. However all countries are short of nurses and all seem to recruit from overseas, nurses from Australia go to Britain Canada and the US and nurses from Britian come to Australia and so on ad infinitum. Its not the best way of obtaining staff since the travellers don't stay forever and as you have found out they do not encourage administration to provide policies that support their long term employees. However I can speak from the perspective of the Australian nurse that came with an agency to the US. We were all experienced in our particular fields (ER for me) had passed Boards in California and were ready to work. There was no $10,000 bonus and we worked in a county hospital that was desperate for nurses. Coming from another country is difficult since you want to experience a different culture and get different nursing experience, but you have little control over where you end up working and don't know if you are walking into a facility that is poorly treating its staff or if you are being used for some other political reason within the hospital. However there are significant benefits on both sides when people with different backgrounds work together. You discover many similarities in practice and a variety of differences. Working together both groups can learn new and different ways of doing things as it is easy to become parochial in your thinking- ie we do it this way so it must be the best way. Both the American nurses and US nurses found different ways of doing things sometimes worked just as well and many patienst found ou teh Australia was not a country inEurope with big mountains. I learn't so much in my year in the South, actually more about gun shot wounds than I ever wanted to, I found out what grits were and I still won't eat them' I know the rules of American Football and I found out that nursing is similar the world over and I made friends in the US which I still have 10 years later. While I understand your distress over the treatment of the permanent staff by your administration, please realise taht teh nurses coming from Ireland probably have no idea what is going on and many may have a lot to offer.
  6. buffy the vampire nurse

    Recruitment and retention

    Hey Normarae I was kinda afraid that there would be no takers on this one. There is no literature and teh wide spread shortages in all countries would seem to say that no one is getting it right. I waorked in the US for a year and the agency that employee us had a great retention policy that is if we broke our years contract we owed them $3000...no one left!
  7. buffy the vampire nurse

    working abroad

    Well Matt, Given that nursing shortages are so acute in every area in almost every English speaking country, you can go work anywhere. I'm from Australia and I spent a yaer working in the US (Hi to all the Grady ER nurses if any of you are still there!). It was great to get another perspective of nursing culture since it is very easy to become parochial about 'how we do things here' and being in a situation here things are done diffrently can be a real learning experience. Good luck....Australia is a great ploace to work but is still understaffed and over patiented!
  8. buffy the vampire nurse

    So long Nursing

    I don't know whether at 31 I am an older nurse but I've been nursing for 10 years. I now have a desk job trying to improve recruitment and retention practices. I used to love nursing and especially ER nursing and it made me really sad when I realised that the debit column far outweighed the credit coloumn. I was sick of being spat on, punched, told to work overtime cause they can't get anyone else, treated like an idiot by medical staff (ie being told by a junior doc that the yellow in the urine was bilirubin despite the fact I had been introduced to her as the clinical nurse consultant in teh ER well d'oh), explaing to patients why theer was no bed out of the ER since the hospital was full and dealing with relatives who believed that since it was a public hospital 'I pay your wages with my taxes and you have to do what I say'. It got to the point where I didn't want to be the person responsible for telling a woman her husband had died and then not have time to sit and talk with her in her time of grief 'cause there is too many patienst and too few staff for me to stop working. I really undersatnd how realnursealso/LPN feels when there is no longer time to talk to patients only to give meds and take obs then there is no more pluses to out do the minuses. Reading some of the posts on the BB I wish I still had the enthusiasim of many of teh fine nurses here who still love their work and continue to fight to make a difference for their patients under some extremely difficult patients. Thank you for your continuing the fight since you are the people I want looking after my friends and family.
  9. buffy the vampire nurse

    Recruitment and retention

    Hi there I am an Australian nurse who is involved in a project to find innovative recruitment and retention programs. We are trying to recruit nurses here in Australia as well and I have been researching innovative overseas programs that may be useful here. However despite long lit reviews information that has been published is minimal. I can't believe that hospitals are not doing more given the shortages. It would be really helpful for me if anyone knows of any good recruitment or retention programs if they could let me know the details of the projects and any way I can get more info about them. Thanks