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  1. Dear Thought of leaving the nursing field, It makes me sad to read how working as a nurse has made you feel. You seem like the type of nurse ill people need on their side especially when they are hospitalized. Your letter sounds like you are a thoughtful nurse who is a patients advocate when they can not advocate for themselves. I am an older nurse who graduated in 1974. I have mainly worked in acute care hospitals, community and doctor owned hospitals, and ones associated with teaching (mainly med/surg floors for about 17 + years). I had to support myself so not working wasn't an option therefore I had to live with the changes as they happened. I have been semi retired for many years, meaning I have not worked in acute care hospitals since 1995. Yet even before 1995 I could see that when corporations took over community and doctor owned hospitals the working conditions changed. I could see a direct relationship between the corporate mentality that was imposed on the practice of nursing and the care of patients. Bottom lines of business and insurance contractors dictated patient care and therefore patient outcomes. The work place became competitive rather than cooperative. This is a quick summary of what I saw from my perspective. Could that be the mentality you are seeing as, " jr. high "? Good luck with this decision. I do hope you stay in the medical profession, we can use all the compassionate thoughtful people we can get, McDormom
  2. mcdmom

    First med error

    Dear Sunny, This is a hard lesson, but it sounds like you are an honest, caring, nurse who deserves the good luck you are having with this situation. You will get over this, and come out on the other side a better nurse for learning this very critical lesson. You can count your blessings that your patient was not injured and that you are being given the opportunity to do better in the furture.(Good job to the charge nurse and DON). I can say this from first hand experience having made a med error in my first year of nursing too. No matter what type of error we make as nurses, because we care, it will be a life altering experience. I think that is the part of the job we have to struggle with, so keep on caring, just remember to care for yourself too. Good luck, and keep on caring. mcdmomhttps://allnurses.com/forums/images/icons/icon7.gif <
  3. mcdmom

    Man kills wife, self at Atlanta hospital

    I do not know the details of this couples problems or the details of the shootings, but it does make me think of how we seem to take better care of our ailing pets then we do people. If we have a beloved pet who is suffering, we help them die in peace, with dignity. This is just a "quick reply". So do we carry the curative aspect of medicine to far ? Is it ethical ? I do know that this is a sad aspect of nursing care . McD
  4. mcdmom

    I don't know if nursing is for me anymore...

    Hi there. I hope you don't give up because you seem like the kind of Nurse who actually cares about what they do to their patients. Nursing is never easy when you believe it is just like the text books, and/or, you want to be perfect. It sounds like you are expecting each nursing situation to be like the tests at the ends of each chapter; when it is not you beat yourself up. Try to give yourself the benifite of the doubt, and stop comparing yourself to others; everyone learns things in their own way, and with your knowledge base and caring attitude you can become a great patient advocate. So in my opinion I feel you should find a councelor to talk to, get some sleep, and change your thoughts about your nursing skills. This is all just my opinion, so I hope I have not hurt, but helped you. If I have said anything that has offended you please feel empowered to say so, because I know I mean no harm. Good luck. McD <