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  1. tommyboyrn

    Cardiac Surgery Certification as a prereq

    No. The CCRN tests general knowledge about ICU disease, practice and processes. The CSC is scenario based dealing with cardiac surgery such as: you have chest tube bleeding this amount for this hour what is the best course of action? sort of stuff. If you have been dealing with cardiac surgery for a good period of time, you should not have any problems. Tom
  2. tommyboyrn

    CRNA in Baltimore Shock Trauma ED...

    Hey, Congrats on your upcoming graduation and getting out. Although not in yet, I am planning on starting in Jan. I worked as a flight nurse in Memphis TN in association with The Elvis Presley Trauma Center- THE MED. I know for a fact that when a shock trauma was arriving, whether by ground or by air, 90% of the time a CRNA was at the head to secure the airway, and would EVEN DOUBLE CHECK PLACEMENT BY LOOKING FOR THE CORDS if the airway was in prior to arrival. They did a extrodinary job and thats what kinda got my interest up. Again, best of luck, and just thought I would shed some light on this thread. Tommyboyrn
  3. tommyboyrn

    Thought on Laryngeal Spasm

    What are the chances of having a patient have a laryngeal spasm post cardiac surgery in the ICU. We recover hearts in the ICU and wean to extubate per a protocol, but have never considered laryngeal spasm a complication to watch out for? Thanks
  4. tommyboyrn

    Cardiac Surgery Certification as a prereq

    I have taken the exam and passed. If you have been recovering hearts in the ICU for very long then it should not be anything you have not seen before. I would take the exam because the extra credentials never hurt anyone. Good Luck. Tommyboyrn
  5. tommyboyrn

    Springfield Interviews

    Hey anyone, I may be interviewing for the fall 06' class at SMSU and was wanting to know what information I could use or brush up on to better prepare myself. Anyone out there that has been in on the interview process please let me know. Thanks ahead of time for any information! Tommyboyrn